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Nick Diaz gives his thoughts on the Canelo Alvarez vs. Alfredo Angulo Stoppage, live & ringside

Nick Diaz was live for Canelo Alvarez vs. Alfredo Angulo and he had a few things to say about the stoppage and how he felt about it.

Many fans were not happy about the end of Canelo Alvarez's bout against Alfredo Angulo. Certainly those live seemed livid. What started as a mix of boos and applause slowly turned to a massive sea of negative energy as drinks were thrown and the stadium staff attempted to drown out the noise with even louder music. Nick Diaz was in attendance alongside Layzie The Savage and Marcos Villegas of FightHubTV and he wasn't as vocal in opposition as the rest of the crowd, but had some specific points to bring up in comparison to recent UFC stoppages.

Yeah, he's fine, but I don't know, like, it's like they wanted to stop it, looking for a good punch. But, it wasn't like where it needed to be stopped. Because he still looked dangerous.

Hey, you know, it's a trip though, because they didn't stop the fights in the UFC. Or they stop fights here, but in the UFC they let it go. They let it go, let it go.

Like the Mike Pyle fight, that was dirty. And then they stopped the two other fights too early and the didn't stop the Mike Pyle fight. But, you look at this, you know, and you look at the Mike Pyle fight, and you go, "What the f**k?"

The Mike Pyle vs. T.J. Waldburger fight to which Diaz refers is an easy point to bring up as, not only did the stoppage seem late, but it cast a stark reflection on UFC 170 main event that saw Ronda Rousey TKO Sarah McMann with knees to the body. What do you think? Would you rather see refs err on the side of caution, or give fighters the time to work themselves out of a bad spot? Or is the real problem just consistency?

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