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Miss United States 2012, Whitney Miller Trades Her Beauty Pageant for the Gi and MMA gloves

Whitney Miller, the winner of Miss USA 2012, embarks on a journey to get her black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Some highlights from the video:


  • Whitney Virgina Miller, named after her grandmother
  • born and raised in Texas (former Miss Texas 2012)
  • former professional wake surfer, I'm sure Donald Cerrone would approve.

0:26 pretty cool balancing pose

2:05 "When I told my family I was going to go into combative sports, that was a trip, to say the least. My mom was crying. My dad is an old Texas banker. He was saying, 'It's stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. I don't understand.'

Trained/training with:

  • UFC Fighter Cub Swanson
  • Rudy Vasquez of Vasquez Academy
  • Tessa Simposon fellow atomweight (105lbs). Simpson has some of the best BJJ (brown belt) in MMA especially at 105.

3:18 "If a beauty pageant queen... A National Beauty Pageant winner, Miss United States can go earn their jiu jitsu black belt, granted that'll take a long time, but if I can go ahead and do that, you have no excuses."

3:55 see Miller in her first BJJ tournament

6:00 says she got a gold in gi and a silver in no-gi, but I think she mixed it up cause she was tapped out with the gi

I'll admit she looks a little shaky, nervous etc... but this is her FIRST tournament, and this is just another plus to "humanizing this barbaric sport". And for that, I applaud Miss Miller.

Her youtube channel is Whitney Miller. And everything else is " Miss2Jits "