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Bellator 101: Warren vs. Kirk live streaming video, discussion, results and play by play

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Bloody Elbow treats you to live discussion, results and play-by-play for Bellator 101: Warren vs. Kirk along with live streaming video of the preliminary card.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live discussion, results and play-by-play for Bellator 101: Warren vs. Kirk along with live streaming video of the preliminary card. Bantamweights Joe Warren and Nick Kirk captain the card from the Moda Center at Rose Quarter in Portland, Oregon, which will also unroll the opening round of this season's Lightweight Tournament. The Spike TV main card begins at 9:00 p.m. ET and the preliminary card streams live on Bloody Elbow at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Feel free to take a gander at Mookie Alexander's preview and predictions for the show. Results and play by play follow below.

Spike TV Main Card (9:00 p.m. ET)

Nick Kirk vs. Joe Warren -- Bantamweight Tournament Semifinals

R1: Warren comes out popping combos with some clearly improved striking mechanics. Kirk throws a front snap kick and demonstrates his deceptive power in tossing Warren's telegraphed double-leg aside. Warren hits a throw from the body lock but Kirk has some slippery scrambles and gets right back to his feet. Warren already getting away from the angles he used earlier and gets clipped on the way in throughout the next few exchanges.

Warren crams Kirk on the fence and dumps him with a double leg. Again Kirk is feisty and right back to his feet. Kirk stuns Warren with a stiff jab but ends up on his back again. Warren gets in high half guard and postures down to limit his movement. Referee Jason Herzog warns Warren for shots to the back of the head and "The World's Baddest Man" offers a humble apology. Warren keeps Kirk locked down and lands short and light punches. 10-9 Warren: Kirk got the better on the feet by a very slight margin but Warren was landing as well and effective from the top.

R2: Warren wastes no time pursing another takedown and gets it, going back to half guard for more top pressure. Warren traps Kirk's left arm for the crucifix position but can't keep it. Warren gets it again and attacks Kirk's other arm from the crucifix, then -- in another example of his evolution -- snatches up an armbar when Kirk scrambles free and puts his legs in reverse triangle position to finish it off.

  • Joe Warren defeats Nick Kirk by submission (triangle-armbar), Round 2.

Marcus Davis vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy -- Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinals

R1: Sarnavskiy unreels a telephone pole of a straight right that catches Davis clean and dumps him on his can early. Sarnavskiy pounces with punches and takes Davis' back, cinching on the body triangle. "Tiger" pummels Davis' melon to distract him and loops his forearm under the chin to make it a wrap via rear-naked choke.

  • Alexander Sarnavskiy defeats Marcus Davis by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1.

Rich Clementi vs. Ricardo Tirloni -- Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinals

R1: Tirloni slips on a high kick and Clementi tries to pounce but can't contain him. They collide and Clementi comes away cut from what I thought was a clash of heads. Lunging jab from Clementi, who gets countered wit a mean left hook from Tirloni on the next attempt. Tirloni is hanging back and awaiting Clementi's charging combos, then sidestepping with left hooks, seemingly targeting the gushing gash over Clementi's right eye.

Clementi now circling more and using angles to form up some good in and out movement. Clementi with an axe kick (!) that just misses and lands atop Tirloni's shoulder. Heavy body kick from Tirloni. Clementi unloads a 5-punch combo of pressuring rights and lefts. Since I feel the cut was from an unintentional head butt, I had Clementi scoring more often and Tirloni balancing it out with a lesser quantity of harder blows. 10-10.

R2: Tirloni comes in with a leaping knee and takedown attempt but Clementi staves him off. Sharp inside low kick from Tirloni, who pegs Clementi with a 3-punch counter when he tries to answer in kind. Another stiff punch slips through for Tirloni. Clementi lets his hands go and follows with a spinning back fists that whiffs, but lands a body kick on the next exchange.

Tirloni has a high kick blocked but tags Clementi with his step-in left hook again. Clementi ducks Tirloni's right and swings two of his own to back the Brazilian up. Straight right downstairs from Tirloni. Clementi's overhand left lands twice, then he swats with a left hook. Tirloni goes to the breadbasket again. Clementi dropping his hands dangerously low in between exchanges. Tirloni's left hook and Clementi's leaping knee both miss. 10-9 Tirloni by a narrow margin for the slightly higher volume and effectiveness.

R3: Clementi continues with his wide variety of punches and angles but Tirloni sits down on a big combo when he's in range. Clementi finds the mark with a spinning back fist and spears a left hand through. They clinch up and Tirloni puts Clementi on his back, who goes from full guard to half butterfly to rubber guard. Clementi loses the shoulder clamp from Mission Control but wings two upkicks to repel Tirloni's incoming barrage of punches.

Tirloni keeps his head buried in Clementi's chest and heaves blind hooks at Clementi's head amidst a battle for control and position. Tirloni postures up and Clementi dives on a leg lock and can't get it, but uses it to stand back up. Clementi drops down for a low single that Tirloni thwarts. Tirloni's head kick is blocked but lands with a loud thwack. 10-9 Tirloni in another close round for a 30-28 his way on my card.

  • Ricardo Tirloni defeats Rich Clementi by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x 2)

John Alessio vs. Will Brooks -- Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinals

R1: Brooks comes out energetic and cracks Alessio with a hard inside low kick. Brooks goes high with the kick but can't get it. Alessio is unafraid to close distance against the Brooks; a wrestler who's stand up looks much improved. Brooks lands a nice left switch kick that Alessio somehow shakes off. Alessio again shrinks the gap but this time attacks the hips of Brooks, and explodes from a new angle to secure a double leg.

Brooks pops back up and Alessio drives him against the fence. Front-leg side kick for Brooks, who's showing all kinds of new tricks. Alessio catches Brooks' next kick and Brooks hops on one leg to keep his balance while pinging uppercuts. As soon as Brooks gets both feet down, Alessio jumps into a guillotine and wrenches it, but it's not there. He ends up in a closed guard and stays chest to chest with Brooks. Brooks finally postures up and Alessio is immediately into an armbar that Brooks slips out of. Alessio, bleeding over his left eye, gets taken down again and closes the frame on his back. 10-9 Brooks.

R2: Brooks sneaks a left roundhouse kick to the armpit of Alessio, who again shoots on Brooks. "Ill Will" easily stuffs it and stifles Alessio's right hand with wrist control. They nudge off the fence and Alessio nearly hits a hip toss but Brooks is able to maintain his balance and ends up on top in half guard. Alessio goes two-on-one with Brooks' left hand to stand back up.

Brooks with another side kick and then an outside trip attempt that Alessio counters with another drop-back guillotine attempt that isn't there. Alessio gets a closed guard body lock to stalemate, leading to a ref stand up. Alessio uncorks a medley of stiff rights while in hot pursuit, one of which drops Brooks for a moment. Brooks counters Alessio's half guard by stepping over the knee into full mount. Alessio tries to buck him off and scramble but Brooks takes his back with 15 seconds left. 10-9 Brooks.

R3: Brooks stays busy with left-side kicks and hits another outside trip when they lock horns. He methodically works on a guard pass and eventually goes from full guard to side control, then quells Alessio's scrambling outburst. Alessio keeps his hips busy and elevates Brooks' base to get enough room for an escape. Oddly, Alessio clinches with Brooks on the feet and attempts a flimsy single leg, but eats a pair of absolutely crushing knees, causing a steady flow of blood from what looks to be Alessio's other eye.

Brooks is all over him, imposing short punches with a half back-ride until the bell sounds. Brooks dominated from bell to bell and painted a third of the canvas red with Alessio's blood. 10-8 Brooks, for a 30-26 overall on my card.

  • Will Brooks defeats John Alessio by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-25)

Saad Awad vs. Martin Stapleton -- Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinals

R1: Stapleton starts aggressive with a low kick but Awad tags him clean, dropping him to a knee, on his follow up combo of punches. Stapleton recovers well and clinches up, eventually grinding out a single leg and landing some strikes from the top. Awad gets strong wrist control and angles his hips for a triangle and then reverses position beautifully.

Stapleton tries to elevate Awad with from butterfly guard but ends up mounted, and Awad gradually transitions to Stapleton's back with a rear-naked choke in mind. Stapleton fights off the choke and Awad thuds a series of hammerfists off his head from back control. Awad wisely switches from punches back to the choke and gets underneath Stapleton's chin, then adds some neck-crank flavor by wrenching it at a nasty angle to force the tapout.

  • Saad Awad defeats Martin Stapleton by submission (modified rear-naked choke), Round 1

Preliminary Card (7:00 p.m. ET)