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UFC Fight Night 26 results recap: Preliminary card

Like the rest of the event, the Fight Night 26 prelims brought a ton of exciting action. Take a look at what happened and what it means for the fighters.

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the UFC's launch day debut on FS1 started with four fights on the preliminary card broadcast. UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen was the premier event and the fights delivered great action.

Brad Pickett vs. Michael McDonald

Pickett suffered a brutal beating throughout the first round of his Bantamweight fight with Michael McDonald. McDonald rocked him early and somehow Pickett was able to survive. Through the remainder of the round, McDonald unleashed devastating combos on "One Punch", but Pickett kept coming forward. Brad took control early in round 2 with a takedown but was unable to defend the triangle and tapped out just before the 4 minute mark.

In his last fight, McDonald gave up his first and only UFC loss in 6 fights to interim champion Renan Barao. While it wasn't the first loss of his career, there's always the question of how a fighter will return after being finished in a big fight. McDonald had no problems in his return and deserves another big fight after this. BE's Mookie Alexander suggested Urijah Faber next and I don't see anything wrong with that. It's clear now that Pickett is just below the division's elite. He won't be seeing contendership any time soon, but he's always in exciting fights and should become a staple of PPV preliminary cards and Free TV main cards.

Conor McGregor (14-2) vs. Max Holloway (7-3)

he may not have lived up to all the hype thrust at him by the UFC, but McGregor earned every bit of his one-sided decision over Holloway. Through the first half of the fight, McGregor out pointed Hollway on the feet. He consistently landed hard straight punches as Max struggled to find an opening in Conor's defense. For the second half of the bout, McGregor won the fight from top position.

With the way the UFC is pushing McGregor, he'll need a step up in competition so they can feature him. On the other hand, he's only just won his second UFC fight and doesn't need to be thrown to the wolves just yet. Fellow FS1 competitor Diego Brandao seems like a good fit for his next fight. This was Holloway's second consecutive loss, but the 3-fight win streak he had prior to that should hold his place on the roster.

Steven Siler (23-10) vs. Mike Brown (26-10)

Brown closed the distance with a clinch attempt early in the fight and paid the price for leaving a defensive hole in the process. Siler cracked him with a right hand as he came in and Brown dropped to the mat. Brown was still in the fight for a few short seconds, but Siler landed a couple more blows to force the stoppage at 50 seconds.

Despite being a former WEC Featherweight champion and a 2-3 record, this was probably it for Brown. He came back from retirement for this fight and after that performance he should probably return. Siler improved to 5-1 in the UFC. He won't be contending any time soon, but he should get a step up in competition after this fight.

Diego Brandao (18-8) vs. Daniel Pineda (18-10)

It's not often Featherweights can gas early and still put on an incredible fight, but Brandao and Pineda did just that. It looked like Brandao would make short work of Pineda when he rocked him in the first, but Daniel managed to survive. After that the two exchanged looping hooks from planted feet with Diego getting the nod on the judges' cards for mixing in takedowns with his striking.

After picking up the unanimous decision win, Brandao has now only lost one of his 5 UFC fights and is currently on a three-fight win streak. Pineda has dropped three of his last 4 and boasts only a 3-3 UFC record. He's probably getting his walking papers after this fight.