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Alistair Overeem vs. Travis Browne Fight Video: Watch the front kick KO at UFC Fight Night 26

Watch video of Travis Browne landing a front kick to complete an incredible come from behind knockout win over Alistair Overeem at UFC Fight Night 26.

During the co-main event of the UFC Fight Night 26 at Fox Sports 1, former Strikeforce and K-1 heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem took on Travis Browne in what promised to be an entertaining slugfest. Overeem came in guns blazing, landing brutal knees to the body and came very close to finishing the fight. Browne persevered though, and as Overeem looked to have slowed down a bit, he was able to land a brutal front kick which earned him a $50,000 knockout of the night bonus.

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Watch highlights of the entertaining fight above courtesy of Fox Sports, and check out more details on the fight from our play-by-play of the event:

Alistair Overeem vs. Travis Browne - Round 1 - Overeem hard to the body and he's clinching Brown and trying to keep working to the body. Body punch by Overeem hurt him. Flying knee by Browne and he throws a wild punch and slips to the mat. Overeem looking for a front choke but gives up on it. Knee to the body and Browne is hurt. Overeem pounces and is throwing hard shots. Browne stands up somehow even after an illegal knee to the head while he was down and he's trying to fire back now. Browne has survived that onslaught now and they're clinched against the cage. FRONT KICK FROM BROWNE AND OVEREEM GOES DOWN AND IT'S OVER! OHHHH MY! Travis Browne wins by TKO (front kick, punches) Round 1.

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