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Hector Lombard or Tyron Woodley, UFC's Dong Hyun Kim is not changing his 'crazy' style for anyone

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Dong Hyun Kim reacts to the sudden change in opponents, and vows to not change his new style of fighting regardless of opposition.

Photo by Paolo Tabuena

Korean star Dong Hyun Kim flew to Hong Kong today, prepared to do media activities to promote his bout against Hector Lombard. As he was heading to the press conference though, DDana White suddenly told him that his opponent changed to Tyron Woodley, and according to Kim, it was a whirlwind of emotions shortly after.

"When I heard the news, I was devastated and surprised. There's kind of a mixed feeling right now," Kim told through a translator, "I'm not picky with my opponents, but I was focusing on Lombard, and even people in Korea were focusing on him."

"He's a strong fighter. He's ranking is higher than Lombard, but he just lost. They are all tough competitors though, and every one of them can be champion."

Kim last competed in UFC: Singapore, where he stopped John Hathaway with a highlight reel spinning back elbow knockout. The Korean had been known for his suffocating top game, but during the fight he showcased a new style where he kept it standing, and went balls to the wall from bell to bell.

When asked if he was to revert back to his old style with a new and dangerous opponent like Woodley, Kim started waving his fingers and even spoke a few phrases in English.

"Only this style. This is my style from now on."

When asked on which he prioritizes more, entertaining the fans, or making sure he gets in title contention, Kim didn't hesitate. "Having exciting fights. No matter who the competitor is, I'm just going to drive forward and go crazy."

If you're interested in watching the full video interview, head over to MMA-in-Asia.