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Super Sage Northcutt's Kryptonite, and Hendricks vs Thompson (Heavy Hands)

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Connor Ruebusch and Patrick Wyman get into the nitty-gritty of Sage Northcutt's loss to Bryan Barberena and preview Johny Hendricks vs Stephen Thompson.

Lots of things to break down this week!

First off, Ryan Bader witnessed the epic implosion of his dearest hopes and dreams when Anthony "Rumble" Johnson finished him in the first ground. As soon as they're done peeling "Darth" off the canvas, he'll have a lot more refining and hard work to do yet before he gets a shot at the division's title.

Next, it's on to "Super" Sage Northcutt, who found his kryptonite in the form of young journeyman Bryan Barberena. Barberena was durable, unflappable, and able to force Sage into the kind of prolonged exchanges in which he can't just athlete his way to victory. We get into the reasons behind Northcutt's loss, and the ways he can improve in the future. Following through on his plan to train at Tristar MMA would be a great start.

We wrap up the topical analysis Johny Hendricks vs Stephen Thompson, a fantastic welterweight fight between two bafflingly underrated fighters, before answering a few questions from you, our lovely listeners.

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