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UFC 200: Tommy Toehold's 5 minute interview with Joe Lauzon

Bloody Elbow content partner, Tommy Toehold conducts an entertaining, 5-minute interview with Lightweight star, Joe Lauzon.

In the leadup to the biggest card of the summer and possibly of the entire year, we've got a metric ton of great content to disseminate to our readers. UFC 200 will, without a doubt, be a momentous, historic event. The card is stacked with talent from the curtain-jerker to the main event.

One really intriguing fight that's been flying under the radar is Joe Lauzon vs. Diego Sanchez. These two veterans carry a remarkable 43 Octagon bouts between them (Sanchez has 23, Lauzon has 20), and both have legions of loyal fans looking forward to the action these two will be bringing tomorrow night.

Bloody Elbow content partner, Tommy Toehold spoke with Lauzon earlier this week, which isn't the standard, "How are you gonna beat your opponent?" type of interview. I've attached a player below for viewing, but first, here's a small portion of the interview to get you started:

TOMMY: Joe, I just mentioned a bloody movie and of course you are known to bleed like a Tarantino movie directed by 1980s action movies...what is your favorite bloody movie?

JOE: Probably one of my favorite bloody movies ever is gotta be Gangs of New York. Bill the Butcher, he's just an absolute mad man. Just stabbing people and super super violent. And a great movie. All the way around. Leonardo DiCaprio's in there. It's a really really good movie that's just surrounded by absolute violence.

TOMMY: Speaking of Gangs of New York: have you ever noticed that Daniel Day Lewis and Mike Chiesa are literally the same person?

JOE: I never thought of it but Daniel Day Lewis definitely looks like Chiesa. They could be twins almost.

TOMMY: Not almost Joe. I'm working under the theory that Mike Chiesa is actually just Daniel Day Lewis preparing for a role as an MMA fighter. That man takes his craft seriously. And so does NFL coach Bill Belichick, who has reached Forrest Gump levels of mythical importance in the New England area. You're a New England guy. Could Belichick make the transition and start coaching MMA?

JOE: Bill Belichick is like the Darth Vader of the NFL. He just does such a good job. Way ahead of everybody all the time. He's evil, which is awesome. He's a really really good coach. I think he's got the right ideas, if he was going to become an mma coach, but I just think he doesn't have the knowledge. If you take Greg Jackson. and he's a great MMA coach, but I don't think he'd do very well coaching football.

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