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Devil's Advocate: Who should fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200?'s Nick Baldwin plays devil's advocate by taking a look at some of the best options for short notice opponents for UFC light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier at UFC 200.

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I recently wrote an opinion piece on why the UFC should not seek a replacement fight for UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, following the cancellation of his rematch against Jon Jones at UFC 200. I stated that Cormier is not a big enough of a draw without Jones on the other side of the Octagon to contribute enough to the already-stacked landmark event set to occur this weekend to make it worth booking him versus a new opponent. But with UFC president Dana White already not sure how much Cormier would be paid without fighting at UFC 200 and "DC" wanting a paycheck, of course, it seems somewhat likely a short notice replacement opponent will be found.

Countless fighters have already offered their services, so, without further ado, here are a handful of the best options to replace "Bones" on super, super short notice and fight Cormier at UFC 200 this weekend.

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping shocked the world and made history last month by capturing the UFC middleweight championship with a quick knockout win over Luke Rockhold. A massive underdog going into the matchup, Bisping did the unthinkable -- on short notice. Despite being "UFC Tonight" buddies with "DC," Bisping is already in Las Vegas for International Fight Week and is willing to fight Cormier, a training partner of Rockhold, for the light heavyweight belt. Something interesting to make note of is that earlier this week, "The Count" told staff writer Stephie Haynes that he was picking Cormier to beat Jones via decision. A matchup between the two champions could be promoted as the super-fight no one ever expected to happen -- nor particularly wanted to happen, for that matter. Could he step up on short notice yet again and create even more history by becoming the third two-division champion in the promotion's history?

Gegard Mousasi

Gegard Mousasi, who's scheduled to fight Thiago Santos on the UFC 200 preliminary card, has been pushing very, very hard for a 205-pound title shot against Cormier. Although Cormier vs. Mousasi wouldn't draw nearly as much as Cormier vs. Bisping, it's a likely option because Mousasi has been in camp for the past couple months. Despite training for only a three-round contest, Mousasi has made it clear he would be ready to go five rounds if needed.

Chael Sonnen

Speaking of being ready, Chael Sonnen is not that. But it's Chael Sonnen. And his two-year suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for a pair of failed drug tests in June 2014 is officially complete. "The Bad Guy" hasn't exactly offered his services for a July 9 fight, but he seems pretty confident he'd beat Cormier and finally capture UFC gold. Sign me up.

Alexander Gustafsson

I didn't think I'd be writing this, but I do believe Alexander Gustafsson receiving a title shot on a two-fight skid is a viable option. In his last outing, he came up short against Cormier, but put on a "Fight of the Year" candidate. Gustafsson is ready for a rematch and Cormier said he was humbled after he squared off with "The Mauler," so I'm not sure there'd be any troubles with contracts for a Cormier vs. Gustafsson rematch.

Ilir Latifi

Enough said.