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Ex-manager on UFC 193: Ronda Rousey is a 'monster', believed own hype

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Ronda Rousey's former manager Darin Harvey doesn't have many kind words for the former UFC champion following the first loss of her career.

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When athlete-manager relationships get severed in pro sports, the results are often extremely messy. That's certainly been the case with Ronda Rousey and the man who started out steering her MMA career, Darin Harvey. Harvey was Rousey's at least in some capacity into her first year in the UFC, after which the California State Athletic Commission voided the contract between the two parties saying, "Harvey violated the statutory scheme designed for the protection of athletes, like Rousey, and therefore, Harvey will receive no help from this commission in enforcing this illegal fighter-manager contract."

Harvey is suing Rousey over about $170,000 that he says is owed to him for services provided over the first few years of her career. And when she lost to Holly Holm at UFC 193, he chalked it up to one thing: Karma. Speaking to USAToday, Harvey elaborated on his feelings after watching his former fighter take the first loss of her career:

"It was kind of bittersweet," he said. "Part of me was elated and part of me was saddened. The part of me that was saddened was that once I was identified with representing the top female fighter in the world.

"No longer do I have that title."

Adding to his laments for his lost position as manager to the sport's most famous fighter, Harvey took a major dig at Rousey for buying into her own hype.

"I created a monster," Harvey said. "She believed she was as special as the press made her out to be.

"They give me absolutely no credit for the success of her career. She's not a good person. You don't forget where you came from."
"In a sense it was poetic justice because she's wronged so many people that were there for her at the beginning of her career," he said. "To not be part of something I was instrumental in creating, has been very difficult."

Of course, depending on how the rematch goes, not being there for the high points also means that you're well clear of the fallout for the major low points as well. But maybe there aren't many low points when you're getting a cut of Rousey's PPV take.