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Cathal Pendred: ‘I’ve been disappointed with my last few performances.’

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Cathal Pendred will be looking to set the record straight following his controversial victory against Sean Spencer when he faces Augusto Montano at UFC 188.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Irishman Cathal Pendred has had an interesting start to his career with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, to say the least.

The former Cage Warriors champion entered the 20th season of The Ultimate Fighter with a lot of hype before losing a close decision to eventual winner, Eddie Gordon. He then made his full promotional debut in his native Dublin, where he pulled off an amazing come-from-behind victory against Mike King. Pendred's next two performances proved less impressive. He won a split-decision against Gaslan Umaltov, and followed up with a bizarre decision victory against Sean Spencer.

In an interview with, Pendred delved into his less-than-stellar UFC career thus far:

"I've been disappointed with my last few performances, it never really bothers me what other people think, I only care about the standards I set for myself. I don't mind if people are giving out because they expect more from me, if that's the case I think it's a good thing. At the end of the day I only worry about what I think myself. I really think that I haven't shown the best of my ability in the UFC, for whatever reason, I honestly couldn't tell you."

Prior to signing for the UFC, Pendred had amassed an impressive record on the European scene, not dissimilar to that of his teammate Conor McGregor, so it was only natural that comparisons were made when he signed for the promotion. While Pendred knows he has performed at a level far below what he's capable of, he believes he has found the root of the problem.

"Ever since the lead up to my UFC debut, my preparation has always been geared towards being really calm in the moment. I do like to be relaxed but if you look back through my whole career, I've always brought intensity and pressure to my fights and that's what I feel I've been missing in my last few fights," Pendred explained.

Pendred will be faced with a dangerous fighter with natural finishing instincts in his next fight with the promotion. In Augusto Montano's career thus far, the Mexican has finished each of his 15 victories. His lone defeat came at the hands of Sam Alvey, who managed to outwork him en route to a unanimous decision victory.

Pendred's plan of action is clear. When he enters the cage in Mexico, he plans to take down the striker and look to ground and pound his way to victory.

"It's been frustrating for me. I don't think I've shown the best Cathal Pendred in the Octagon yet. I really want to get him out there. I'm going to go old school on this guy. I'm going to take him down and put some hurt him. I'm going to take his will away."

Cathal Pendred vs. Augusto Montano is scheduled for UFC 188 at the Arena Ciudad de México, Mexico City, Mexico.