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UFC 169: Nick Catone gets decision win, injures knee

UFC middleweight Nick Catone's split decision win over Tom Watson has apparently proven very costly.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Nick Catone faced off with Tom Watson on the prelim card at UFC 169. Watson brutalized Catone's left leg with kick after kick for three rounds, yet Catone pulled off a split decision win. The kicks took their toll, as Catone has tweeted news of his injured knee in the aftermath of the fight.

As Watson's leg kicks mounted, the swelling on Catone's knee was easily visible not only on the outside of the thigh and knee, but on the anterior aspect of the knee as well. The UFC 169 medical suspensions have already been released, and Watson has received an indefinite suspension pending orthopedic clearance of the knee. If he has in fact torn his ACL, he will likely be on the shelf for 9-12 months.

With tonight's win, Catone is an even 4-4 in his UFC career.