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Photos: Anderson Silva's broken leg from UFC 168 bout against Chris Weidman

Esther Lin was able to capture a photo of the gruesome leg injury suffered by Anderson Silva during his UFC 168 bout against Chris Weidman.

Anderson Silva lost to Chris Weidman for the second time, but the MMA fighter considered by most as the greatest of all time went down in such a sad and gruesome way from a freak injury. As he threw a powerful leg kick which was checked, Silva's leg shattered and wobbled as it broke.

Esther Lin of MMA Fighting has photos of the nasty injury, and you can check it all out above.

In what could be a career ending injury, it's such a sad way to see one of the most dominant figures in MMA history go out like that. Here's to hoping for a quick and full recovery for the long time middleweight champion.