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UFC 167 medical suspensions: Johny Hendricks' knee injury?

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Johny Hendricks received a long suspension for a possible knee injury in the aftermath of his UFC 167 bout with Georges St-Pierre. However, the UFC welterweight fighter appears to have other ideas.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

Yesterday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission revealed the medical suspensions for the UFC 167 fighters. Johny Hendricks received 6 months for an apparent right knee injury, unless cleared earlier by an orthopedist. But Hendricks feels that his body is healing fine. Earlier today he tweeted the following.

At this point, we have to take Hendricks at his word. If he is already planning to return to training, his knee is probably not a problem serious enough to keep him on the shelf for a protracted time. On the other hand, if his knee was injured, why the big rush to return to training? An attempt to return to training a week after the injury could actually lead to worsening of an otherwise minor injury. Hopefully, Johny will get some good advice to take more time off, and let his knee and body heal well.

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