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UFC 167 results: Who's hurting the day after?

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Georges St-Pierre's face was left battered and bruised after his UFC 167 welterweight fight with Johny Hendricks, but that may not be the only injury he is dealing with. Here is an analysis of that injury possibility, as well as other injury-related tidbits.

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UFC 167 is in the books, and while there were no immediate reports of serious injuries, there were a few injury-related observations worth noting.

Johny Hendricks Tweeted a picture of his battered hands following his controversial loss to Georges St. Pierre. That appears to be the most damage that Hendricks suffered.

On the other hand, GSP's face was battered and swollen, and I think he may have tweaked his right knee in the second round of the bout. In this GIF (courtesy of ZombieProphet), as GSP steps back with his right leg, he appears to hyperextend his knee, and it also appears to buckle outward slightly. As you follow the action in this second GIF, his knee again appears to wobble at the 4:02 mark. St. Pierre has injured his right knee before, and you will recall that he had ACL reconstruction in 2011. I don't really suspect a severe injury to GSP's knee. However, I have not seen him have any similar episodes with his knee in two previous fights since the ACL surgery.

Brian Ebersole's right leg was rendered a purple, wobbly mess by Rick Story during their fight on the Fox Sports 1 prelims. Story battered the leg again and again with hard outside leg kicks, causing the leg to give way more than once in the third round. Outside leg kicks can leave the knee vulnerable to medial collateral ligament injury by stressing the inside of the knee. Ebersole lost the fight by unanimous decision, his third consecutive UFC loss.

Dana White commented on the health of UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones during the UFC 167 post-fight media scrum. Jones' scheduled February 2014 bout with Glover Teixeira at UFC 170 was cancelled soon after it was announced. Dana stated that "Jon went back into the gym and still didn't feel good. He said his legs are still bothering him, and his eye is still bothering him. He's still banged up from that fight", referring to Jones' last fight with Alexander Gustafsson. Jones suffered an injury to his foot in that fight, although an MRI revealed no fractures. In my estimation, the fact that Jones' camp does not think he can be ready to fight in February, some five months after the Gustafsson fight, suggests something more than simple bumps and bruises.

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