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UFC 164 results recap: Tim Elliott vs. Louis Gaudinot

Tim Elliott and Louis Gaudinot faced off in a flyweight donnybrook to cement themselves as future title contenders on the UFC 164 Fox Sports 1 card on August 31 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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The Fox Sports 1 card continued with a battle of flyweight prospects in Tim Elliot vs. Louis Gaudinot. Gaudinot came in with some hype after a comeback submission victory over the streaking John Lineker; it's a big win on his record and one that had a lot of people talking. For Elliot, as a fighter who entered the UFC with a fair bit of hype of his own he was looking to continue rebuilding his stock from a loss to John Dodson in May of last year. He entered this fight off a unanimous decision over Jared Papazian. The winner of this fight is looking to line himself up for an eventual title shot in the paper thin 125 lb divison.

It's hard to talk about this fight as it went three rounds, but was as one-sided as any fight could be. It started fairly even, but Gaudinot just doesn't have the size to make up for his lack of athleticism at flyweight. Elliott slowly turned up the pressure on Gaudinot over the three round fight and by the time it was over had out-struck him by over 200 strikes. Most of it was through moderately effective ground and pound, but no matter, with that kind of domination the story is less about striking effectiveness and more about physical effectiveness. The result: Tim Elliott def. Louis Gaudinot via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)

What was the high point?

Elliott's ground and pound was consistently brutal. Add in that he was able to sustain it at an extremely high tempo for 15 minutes and is huge at flyweight and presents a serious problem for anyone in the division. This was his announcement as a top prospect.

What was the low point?

The eye poke. Elliott started this fight off with an immediate eye poke to Gaudinot. Fingers out, hand extended, jammed straight into the face. It was brutal to the point of questioning its intentions. I can't harp on this enough, but refs need to start warning fighters the moment they extend an open hand toward the face of their opponent. That way when a poke happens it can be an automatic point deduction. It's tough to say if this eye poke changed the fight, but it certainly set a tone from which Gaudinot never recovered.

Where do they go from here?

For Elliott, eye pokes aside this was a big win. flyweight needs fresh faces to challenge for the belt and while he may still be a fight or two away this puts him in that conversation. I'd suggest a fight with the winner of Chris Cariaso vs. Iliarde Santos as a good continued build up fight.

For Gaudinot it's back to the drawing board in a major way. While his win over Lineker was a nice name to hang your hat on he's now gotten utterly dominated by two larger fighters in Bedford and Elliott. He has to figure out how to handle a big opponent or he's just never going to advance even at flyweight.

Watch it now, later, or never?

Watch it later. Dominant performance from Elliott, but he got so little pushback that there's not really a whole lot to see here.

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