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UFC 161 results recap: Sean Pierson vs. Kenny Robertson

Despite every effort by Robertson to turn the tide late in the fight, he couldn't over come Pierson's work in the first two rounds. Pierson took the fight by a thin margin, winning by majority decision.

Photo via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Welterweights Sean Pierson (14-6) and Kenny Robertson (12-3) were featured as the second bout on the FX broadcast of the UFC 161 prelims. After 15 minutes, Pierson took home the majority decision victory. Pierson improved to 4-2 in the UFC's 170 lb. division. Robertson fell to 1-3 and 1-2 since returning to the promotion.

Pierson controlled the first two rounds with straight punches and a defensive clinch to ward off Robertson's ground game. It worked well until later in the second round when Robertson secured a takedown. While that takedown didn't win the round for Robertson, it was a harbinger of the changing tides of the fight. The final round was all Robertson after he cracked Pierson early with an elbow. He almost finished him late in the round, but Pierson was able to survive after hitting a takedown of his own.

What was the high point of this fight?

Pretty much the whole of the third round. Robertson was behind on all 3 judges' cards, but came back to dominate the last 5 minutes. He had Pierson reeling and did enough to get a 10-8 out of one judge.

Where do they go from here?

A three-fight win streak is nothing to dismiss, regardless of the level of competition. Pierson has been doing well since giving up back-to-back losses but he's still struggling against the lower tier of the division. He'll continue on the prelims as long as he can.

Robertson has now lost two of his three fights since being brought back into the UFC fold. However, considering his late rally in this fight and that his losses aren't consecutive, he'll probably get another chance in the Octagon.

Watch it now, never, or later?

You can hold off on this one. Solid fight and good late rally, but doesn't need to be seen right away.