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UFC 157 results recap: Sam Stout vs. Caros Fodor

Lightweight mainstay Sam Stout eeked out a decision victory over the Strikeforce transfer.


Lightweights Sam Stout (19-8-1) opened up the FX portion of the UFC 157 prelims with a split decision victory over Caros Fodor (7-3). Stout improved his record to 8-7 as a UFC fighter. This was Fodor's first fight since transitioning over from the now defunct Strikeforce.

The entire fifteen minute affair was closely fought from both sides. Stout clearly took the first round, but Fodor pulled closer in the following two rounds. The fight wasn't the most pretty, as each man mostly equalized the other in the clinch for most of the fight. When the cards were finally read, two of the three judges gave the bout to Stout.

What was the high point of this fight?

The fight wasn't terrible, but lacked any defining moment for either fighter.

Where do they go from here?

Stout has been around the UFC a long time now and has clearly shown where he belongs. He'll continue to rack up solid wins but his record will be spotted with losses as well. He's a game and well-rounded fighter and good mid-tier gatekeeper.

The specter of the upcoming cuts to the UFC roster has got to be concerning Fodor right now. In more normal times I'd say that the razor-thin nature of the decision wouls save him from the chopping block. However, it's definitely possible that he's a casualty here as the UFC trims the fat.

Watch it now, later, or never?

I wouldn't waste my time. It's not a bad fight. But there's a lot of better action from the event that warrants your attention.