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UFC 156 results recap: Isaac Vallie-Flagg vs. Yves Edwards

The Lightweights put on a fun fight on the UFC 156 FX prelims.

Photo via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

The FX prelims for UFC 156 started with a a mostly striking affair between Lightweights Isaac Vallie-Flagg and Yves Edwards (42-19-1). The split decision win earned Vallie-Flagg a successful UFC debut. The close-fought loss dropped Edwards to 4-3 in his latest UFC run.

Vallie-Flagg and Edwards put on an exciting back and forth battle that went down mostly on the feet. Edwards landed crisp counters and complex combinations, while IVF willed himself through the fight with straight punches and pressure. Edwards almost finished the fight from mount in the second round, but Vallie-Flagg survived until the bell. Edwards was pretty tired by the third let himself eat a lot of strikes before giving up the decision.

What was the high point of the fight?

Late in the 2nd round, Edwards hit a takedown then quickly mounted IVF. He almost finished with ground and pound, then took the back. A finish was possible if the bell hadn't save Vallie-Flagg

Where do they go from here?

Edging out an established veteran like Yves Edwards is a quality feather in Isaac's cap, especially for his UFC debut. Showing that he's more than willing to "war" should up his standing with the UFC brass as well.

Watch it now, later, or never?

Watch it later, another fun scrap but two gassed Lightweights don't demand your immediate attention.

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