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UFC 156 results recap: Dustin Kimura vs. Chico Camus

Take a look back at Kimura's submission win from UFC 156 and what the fight means for him and Camus.

Photo via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

Dustin Kimura (10-0) wrapped up the Facebook prelims for UFC 156 with a 3rd round submission victory over Chico Camus (12-4). The rear naked choke gave Kimura a win in his first ever UFC fight. Camus is now 1-1 as a UFC Bantamweight.

Despite being finished, Camus put up a good fight against Kimura. He outstruck "The Diamond" on the feet, but questionable fight IQ left him defending submission attempts after ill-conceived takedowns. In all three rounds, Camus initiated the the ground fight in spite of clearly being the less-skilled grappler. It finally caught up to him in the last round when Kimura finished with a rear naked choke.

What was the high point of the fight?

Late in the first round, Kimura attempted an omaplata that led to a beautiful sweep. A very satisfying sequence for grappling fans.

Where do they go from here?

A finish to win an already exciting fight is how all UFC fighters want to make their debut and Kimura definitely got that. Giving up 20% of your purse for being overweight usually part of that dream, however. Kimura looked good on the ground, but he's going to have to prove he can make the 135 lb. limit if he wants to stay in the division.

Going 1-1 in the UFC isn't anything to be ashamed of by any means. But, Camus needs to learn to adjust his strategy during a fight if he's going to grow and advance through the division. The loser of Mitch Gagnon and Issei Tamura at UFC 158 would be a good match for him.

Watch it now, later, or never?

This is another I'd save for later. Definitely a fun fight that you'll want to catch, but there are others you'll want to see first.

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