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UFC 155: Dos Santos vs. Velasquez 2

Check out Bloody Elbow's coverage of UFC 155, which takes place on December 29th in Las Vegas.

Lauzon wants summer bout once scar tissue heals

Almost 3 months after his bloody battle with Jim Miller, Lauzon is still feeling the effects of his Fight of the Night performance.

Goldberg: 'I absolutely do not' have drug problems

UFC commentator Mike Goldberg told Ariel Helwani, "I absolutely do not have a drug problem" and explained the illness that kept him out of commission for UFC 155.

Reporter: JDS' 'personal issue' was divorce

Former UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos was dealing with the collapse of his 10-year marriage heading into the fight Brazilian reporter Guilherme Cruz has revealed.

UFC on FX 7: Dana White video blog, part 2

Dana's newest video blog shows him playing a prank on Lorenzo Fertitta, talking to Mike Tyson, and shows a bunch more footage from UFC 155.

UFC 155 pulls live gate of almost $3.3M

13.5 thousand fans turned out to watch Cain Velasquez regain the heavyweight title for a live gate of more than $3 million.

UFC on FX 7: Dana White video blog, part 1

Dana White is back with a UFC on FX 7 video blog, which shows a bunch of backstage stuff from UFC 155.

Mir bags on dos Santos' lacking submission game

Former UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir discussed the UFC 155 rematch between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos. He praised both fighters but had some very particular criticism for the ground game of Junior dos Santos.

JDS: Kidney problems factor in Cain loss

Former UFC Heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos tells Brazil's Esporte that personal issues and kidney problems contributed to his UFC 155 loss to Cain Velasquez.

Evolution of Joe Lauzon's battered face: Days 1-8

Joe Lauzon has been updating and taking photos of his face since that epic UFC 155 war against Jim Miller, here's a timeline of the progress.

Goldie denies rehab rumors, hopes for Fox 6 return

A week after he was forced from commentating at UFC 155, Mike Goldberg addresses the rumors floating around about his condition and gives an expected return date.

All UFC 155 fighters pass post-fight drug tests

A week after UFC 155, the NSAC released the results from the post fight drug tests.

Bisping has a message for 'simpleton' Alan Belcher

Not even a week after Belcher's loss to Yushin Okami at UFC 155, Bisping is ready to rub salt in his wounds.

MMA Tete-A-Tete - was Cain headbutting JDS?

Kid Nate and Eugene S. Robinson look back at UFC 155's main event between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos and ahead to 2013 in MMA.

UFC 155 prelims draw 1.4 million viewers on FX

The FX TV showing of the UFC 155 preliminary fights drew 1.4 million viewers, a strong showing.

Jim Miller looks back at bloody war with Lauzon

UFC Lightweight Jim Miller talks to Duane Finley about his incredible UFC 155 Fight of the Night battle with Joe Lauzon.

Lauzon worried about toll wars take on his brain

Joe Lauzon has become notorious for having exciting fights, but he doesn't want that excitement to leave him unable to remember his own name due to brain trauma.

Leben blames ring rust for loss to boring Brunson

Leben returned to action following a year long suspension to face Derek Brunson at UFC 155. After giving up a unanimous decision, Leben had some words about his performance and his opponent.

Eugene on UFC 155 plus Eugene rolls with Cain

Knuckle Up episode 89 featuring host Eugene S. Robinson talking to Leopoldo Serao about Cain Velasquez' win over Junior dos Santos at UFC 155 plus bonus video of Eugene rolling with Cain.

White doesn't know when Goldberg will return

Days after Goldie's absence from UFC 155, UFC president Dana White still doesn't know when he'll return.

Judo Chop Melvin Guillard's Last Minute Submission

In the closing minutes of his fight with Jamie Varner, Melvin Guillard launched a submission assault that came with in seconds of finishing the fight.

Lauzon 3 days after sating Miller's bloodlust

In the days following UFC 155, Joe Lauzon has kept his fans updated on how his face is healing since being cut open by Jim Miller. It's bad...take a look!

UFC 155 payroll: JDS $400,000, Cain $200,000

Junior dos Santos may have lost his Heavyweight title at UFC 155 but he was still paid twice as much as Cain Velasquez, the man who took his belt away.

Dana White regrets putting Leben on main card

After an awful fight between Chris Leben and Derek Brunson opened up UFC 155, UFC president Dana White expressed regret post-event over his decision to put Leben in the opening PPV slot.

UFC 155: How Cain Killed the King

Jack Slack examines the incredible UFC 155 main event with an eye for how Cain Velasquez took control of the fight early and out boxed Dos Santos.

Dana upset with judging, NSAC unlikely to change

Dana White is upset with Adelaide Byrd's inexcusable scoring of Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner, but the NSAC's history suggests nothing will ever be done when these bad scorecards are turned in.

UFC 155 recap dos Santos vs. Velasquez

Bloody Elbow takes a look at UFC 155 results as we recap Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez for the UFC Heavyweight title in the night's main event.

UFC 155 results: Lauzon vs. Miller

Bloody Elbow takes a look at UFC 155 results as we recap Joe Lauzon vs. Jim Miller.

UFC 155 results: Boetsch vs. Philippou

Bloody Elbow takes a look at UFC 155 results as we recap Tim Boetsch vs. Costa Philippou.

UFC 155 results recap: Okami vs. Belcher

Bloody Elbow takes a look at UFC 155 results as we recap Yushin Okami vs. Alan Belcher.

UFC 155 results recap: Leben vs. Brunson

Bloody Elbow takes a look at UFC 155 results as we recap Chris Leben vs. Derek Brunson.

UFC 155 recap: Wineland vs. Pickett

Eddie Wineland got his 2nd top 10 win in a row in the UFC 155 FX prelims feature bout.

UFC 155 recap: Erik Perez vs. Byron Bloodworth

Bantamweight Perez impressed for the 3rd time in his UFC 155 fight against Byron Bloodworth.