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UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar

Check out all the Bloody Elbow stories on the UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar card, scheduled for October 13th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

St-Pierre expects Jon Jones to dominate at heavyweight: ‘He’s huge’

"He was out for a long time, but he’s Jon Jones, you know what I mean? Don’t forget that he’s Jon Jones."

Gilbert Melendez says he left the UFC ‘on great terms’

"If I do get back in the cage, I want it to be with a company that agrees with the path that I want to be on. But I’m leaving the UFC on great terms".

My favorite fight of 2012

The esteemed and slightly intoxicated Tim Burke vividly describes his favorite MMA fight of 2012 - the war between Jon Fitch and Erick Silva at UFC 153.

Dana White doesn't want to talk to Stephan Bonnar

In the wake of his failed drug test at UFC 153, Stephan Bonnar's relationship with Dana White is on the rocks.

Herman gets 6 month suspension and rehab

For the second time in about a year, Dave Herman tested positive for marijuana metabolites. UFC's Mark Ratner announced his punishment on Thursday.

Bonnar gets 1 year suspension, Herman to get less

Stephan Bonnar was handed a one year suspension for his positive steroid test, while Dave Herman will be given a less-stiff sentence for testing positive for marijuana.

Bonnar, Herman admit taking banned substances

UFC 153 fighters Stephan Bonnar and Dave Herman have admitted to taking banned substances according to a UFC statement.

Meltzer: UFC 153 did 340,000-410,000 PPV buys

According to Dave Meltzer of MMA Fighting, UFC 153 did the best numbers of any Brazilian PPV to date.

UFC 153 medical suspensions

Five fighters were given potentially long-term medical suspensions after UFC 153.

UFC 153: Prelims on FX hits 1 million mark

The UFC 153 preliminary card on FX drew one million viewers, which ends their string of declining numbers for the prelim specials from UFC 148 onwards.

Jack Slack breaks down Maldonado vs Texeira

Fabio Maldonado and Glover Teixeira put on a violent bloodbath in their bout at UFC 153 but all that was really revealed was Maldonado's obviously deficient boxing and Teixeira's inability to mix up his striking. Jack Slack breaks it down.

Teixeira: Maldonado fight was stopped too early

Glover Teixeira beat the crap out of Fabio Maldonado for 10 minutes in their UFC 153 bout before the ringside doctor mercifully brought an end to the bout. According to Teixeira though, the bout should have continued.

Fast stand ups and threatless warnings at UFC 153

Examining some of the contentious officiating, specifically referee stand ups and the enforcement of fouls, at last Saturday's UFC 153 show in Brazil.

UFC 153 watched by 12 million in Brazil

According to reports from, 20 million Brazilians watched UFC 153 featuring Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar on the Globo TV network. Continued strong ratings should make the UFC's plans to put together a series of "regional" cards in Bra

Stop promising Silva vs. Jones, Dana

Brent Brookhouse explains why Dana White should not be guaranteeing a superfight between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones and why it is not exactly a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao situation.

Relive the action with our Silva vs. Bonnar recap

UFC 153 results and recap of all the action from the night's main event - Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar.

Get UFC 153 results & recap of Big Nog vs Pee Wee

UFC results and recap of the night's co-main event from Rio - Minotauro Nogueira vs. Dave Herman.

Get the results & more from Texeira vs. Maldonado

Our UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar results recap looks at Glover Teixeira vs. Fabio Maldonado.

UFC 153 Recap: Fitch vs. Silva

A look back at the UFC 153 welterweight bout between Jon Fitch and Erick Silva. Fitch won by decision.

UFC 153 recap: Davis vs. Prado

A look back at the UFC 153 light heavyweight bout between Phil Davis and Wagner Prado. Davis won by submission.

UFC 153 recap: Maia vs. Story

A look back at the UFC 153 welterweight bout between Demian Maia and Rick Story. Maia won by submission.

UFC 153 Results Recap: Rony Jason vs Sam Sicilia

UFC 153 FX prelims finished with a bang with Rony Jason vs. Sam Sicilia. Rony capped it off perfectly in the closing minute of the second round with a big TKO.

UFC 153 recap: Gleison Tibau vs Francisco Trinaldo

At UFC 153, Gleison Tibau and Francisco Trinaldo put on an exciting fight on FX. Trinaldo gave it his all and scared Tibau in the second, but when the final bell rang Tibau took the unanimous decision.

UFC 153 Recap: Diego Brandao vs Joey Gambino

Diego Brandao and Joey Gambino kept the action going on FX for UFC 153. After 15 minutes and a few knockdowns, Brandao was awarded the unanimous decision.

UFC 153 Recap: Sergio Moraes vs Renee Forte

UFC 153 prelims on FX kicked off with a fun fight between Sergio Moraes and Renee Forte. After 13 minutes of action, Moraes pulled out a late submission to get his first UFC win

UFC 153 Results Recap: Chris Camozzi vs Luis Cane

Rounding out the Facebook prelims, Chris Camozzi welcome Luiz Cane to the Middleweight division. After a brief scare in the first round, Camozzi recovered and won the unanimous decision.

Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones? Not likely.

After UFC 153, what's next for Anderson Silva? The UFC says it's Jon Jones, but Silva and Jones disagree. So why is the UFC hyping this fight?

UFC 153 Recap: Reza Madadi vs Cristiano Marcello

Marcello and Madadi strand and trade in a big slobberknocker. In the end, Marcello had his hand raised in a very questionable split decision.

UFC 153: What's next for the fighters

UFC 153 was an amazing event, but most of the fighters on the card don't exactly have a set plan going forward. Let's look at some of the possibilities for many of the many card fighters.

UFC 153: UFC delivers card of the year candidate

Bloody Elbow recaps last night's thrilling UFC 153 card in Brazil, a card so entertaining it has a case for one of the best shows of 2012.

Ariel Helwani's post-UFC 153 interviews

Ariel talks to Anderson Silva, Big Nog, Phil Davis, Jon Fitch and more.

Jack Slack breaks downAnderson's Rope-a-Dope

Anderson Silva successfully ground down the larger Stephan Bonnar with his own back against the cage for much of the fight. Jack Slack takes a look at Silva's masterful performance against his over-matched foe.