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Jake Paul says Masvidal is NEXT, Dana is too OLD, Woodley will get KTFO, he might start a fighter union, & Rashad who?

YouTuber Paul has the younger crowd backing him, but he’s fighting to find legitimacy in the sporting world that his foe, Dana White, occupies. No one takes him seriously there. He’s still a freak show fighter using Pro Wrestling/Carny tactics to sell himself like he’s legit and this fight is his biggest test to date. If he can actually beat Woodley, people might start taking him seriously. See what Paul has to say in our exclusive Combat Culture YT interview...

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Kamaru Usman predictably opens as massive favorite over Conor McGregor

Kamaru Usman doesn’t have to worry about Conor McGregor in the cage, but that won’t stop oddsmakers.

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Jake Hager campaigning for Fedor fight

Former WWE star wants to fight Fedor in Ruissia.

Video: Ex-kickboxer & Bellator fighter Joe Schilling in violent barroom confrontation

The former GLORY Tournament champion and Bellator fighter appears to knock out a man in viral video.

Video: Jones shows off his speed at heavyweight

Jon Jones showed off some heavyweight speed in his latest gym video.

Video: Referee grabs fighter’s neck when he refuses to let go of choke

Regional MMA is where chaos reigns. A local fighter refused to let go of a choke at WEF Selection 35, requiring the referee to step in in an atypical way.

Jake Paul: ‘I’m a better striker than 99.9% of these MMA guys’

It appears the YouTube star turned pugilist is more than happy to make all the money he can getting MMA fighters to challenge him in the boxing ring.

Video: Ngannou gets a hero’s welcome in Cameroon

The newly crowned heavyweight king got an extremely warm welcome from his homeland of Cameroon.

GSP licks salt, hates fighting, really likes Doctor Strange

GSP is back in the public eye as part of the Marvel Comic Universe, reprising his role as Batroc for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. So he’s been making the rounds giving a bit more insight into his life outside the Octagon.

Report: Northcutt vs. Aoki set for April

Sage Northcutt vs. Shinya Aoki is set for ONE’s April 28th event. Legend vs. former blue chip prospect: what’s not to love?

Blaydes on White: ‘I don’t care if you want me to risk my win bonus’

Curtis Blaydes is not here to entertain you. He’s here to win.

Tweet of the Day: Sanchez says UFO flew up, obviously ‘watching me’

Diego Sanchez talks about a UFO sighting.

Video: This women’s boxing KO is one of the nastiest you’ll see

Probably the most brutal KO you’ll see this year.

Souza out, Markos in to face Murata

Randa Markos will be stepping in to face former Invicta champ, Kanako Murata at UFC Apex next week.

Silva vs. Showtime? Pettis and the Spider say alright

With Conor McGregor walking away from MMA again, Anderson Silva’s plan to take on the former double champ at a catchweight seems like it’s dead in the water. But there could still be a fight for him at 176 lbs.

O’Malley on Garbrandt’s KO: ‘There’s levels to striking’

‘Sugar’ Sean gave his fellow bantamweight some props for Garbrandt’s stellar KO of Raphael Assuncao... kinda... sorta... not really.

Brazil sex hotel wants you to tap out in their MMA-themed room

Colby Covington and his renowned cardio may want to look into a sponsorship deal.

McGregor says he’s the second greatest MMA fighter of all time

The UFC superstar and former ‘double champ’ put together his own list of MMA’s GOATs, ranking himself just ahead of GSP and Jon Jones.

UF-Sea: Last Week Tonight mocks ‘Fight Island’

The UFC got some special attention for their hard drive to keep putting on events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hoops! He did it again - Stephens misses weight for UFC 249

I think it’s supposed to go around the fighter, right?

JDS shows off shredded physique and svelte mustache

The only thing more impressive than Junior dos Santos’ lean heavyweight physique is that swoon-worthy lip warmer.

Lockdown living: White shows off private pool, arcade, basketball court

While fighters are wondering just when, where, and how they’re going to get their next paycheck, the UFC president is living like royalty at his Las Vegas mansion.

Ex-UFC champs mash-up makes ultimate corona cringe video

What happens when you take two of the UFC’s best fighters showcasing their out-of-the-cage talents, and put them together into one video? Nothing good.

Jones to Anthony Smith - Someone ‘like me’ could’ve ‘had his way with you all night’

The war of words between Jon Jones and Anthony Smith took a turn toward the strangely sexually threatening.

Sinead O’Connor: McGregor sounds like racist ‘slave owner’ in COVID-19 debate

It’s not the fight you wanted, but it’s the fight you’re gonna get as Conor McGregor and Sinead O’Connor battled on Twitter about the coronavirus over an article about fruits and vegetables.

‘I’m sure it’s for a good reason’: Tony Ferguson reacts to UFC 249 cancellation

Tony Ferguson seems at peace where others are not after UFC 249 was postponed.

Video: Korean Zombie exposes all the secrets of how UFC fighters can cheat at weigh-ins

It’s the rare sleuth breakdown, as Korean Zombie was kind enough this week to show fans all the different ways that fighters cheat at the weigh-ins.

Dillashaw expects UFC title shot upon return from suspension

T.J. Dillashaw still has eight months left on his suspension after getting popped for EPO, but he’s claiming the UFC will give him a title shot when he returns.

Shamrock tweets about Bill Gates’ supposed ‘implant chip’ for coronavirus

Ken Shamrock chimed in on a social medial story going around about a supposed ‘implant chip’ Bill Gates is using to fight the coronavirus.

Fighters react to Jones’ DWI and negligent use of firearm charges

Pro fighters react to the news of Jon Jones being arrested yet again.

How UFC fighters are surviving self-quarantine

With social distancing policies, business closures, and cancelled events, fighters are having to get a little bit creative with their free time.

Halle Berry’s fight skills gain high praise from Shevchenko

The dominant flyweight champion declared the Hollywood film star a strong enough martial artist to potentially compete with current UFC fighters.