‘Heads will roll’ - Mike Tyson slams Hulu for ‘stealing’ his life story, Nate Diaz joins in

Mike Tyson during the welterweight bout between Montana Love and Gabriel Gollaz Valenzuela in May.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has a major bone to pick with streaming platform Hulu. The 56-year-old posted this series of tweets over the weekend, claiming Hulu created a mini-series based on his life without his permission.

“Iron Mike” also praised UFC president Dana White for not taking part in the said project, despite being offered a large sum of money.

Other prominent figures in prizefighting joined in, like UFC star Nate Diaz and WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman, who claimed they were also misled by Hulu and were made to provide title belts as props.

Producers of the show have since responded to Tyson’s statements. Here’s what EP Steven Rogers said during the show’s virtual Television Critics Association panel on Thursday (via ET Online):

“We actually couldn’t talk to him because his life rights were already taken, so that was never on the table. I would hope that if he watches it that he would change his opinion,” he said.

“For me, as a writer, as a storyteller, I don’t really like to be reliant on just one source. I really like to do the research and get all these different opinions and then put a story around all of that. I don’t like to be beholden to just one person.”

EP Karin Gist also had this to say:

“And that was our intention as well, to tell the story so that we’re talking about more than just the events in his life, but rather placing the story and giving it context in the world and at the time.

“We really wanted to make sure we were as broad as possible in the research and the dramatization of the events of his life and we could make sure we were opening the doors to other conversations to be had around those things as well.”

Tyson then responded to ET via his representative, saying this:

“Is a flat-out lie. My life rights option expired years ago. Hulu nor any of their supercilious team ever tried to engage in any negotiations with this Black man. In their eyes, I am still just a n—r on the auction block ready to be sold for their profit without any regard for my worth or my family.

“They say this story is an exploration of a Black man. It’s more like an exploitation of a Black man. Hulu thinks their tracks are covered by hiring Black sacrificial lambs to play the part as front men for their backdoor robbery is appalling. I will always remember this blatant disregard of my dignity.”

“Mike,” which has eight episodes so far for the first season, will premiere on August 25th. Set to take on the lead role is award-winning actor Trevante Rhodes. Part of the supporting cast is Mean Streets star Harvey Keitel, who will play the role of Tyson’s first mentor, Cus D’Amato.

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