Video: UFC’s Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington nearly brawl in casino

In the 18-odd hours since Kamaru Usman won the UFC welterweight title by defeating Tyron Woodley at UFC 235, he has tried to confront Colby Covington twice already.

As he exited the cage last night in Vegas, Usman went directly towards interim champ Covington, who was sitting cageside. Security quickly got in the way and it was over before it began, but it was clear that Usman wants a piece of him.

Today, he took it a step further, as you can see in the above video from TMZ Sports.

While Covington was apparently waiting in line at a buffet inside the Palms Casino, Usman and manager Ali Abdelaziz came at him. There were people everywhere, including small children, but that didn’t stop Usman and Abdelaziz from sharing some choice words with Covington, who responded in kind.

Usman and his team tried to press towards Covington, but people got between them. Covington then walked over to the side to get closer to them, and Ali actually throws a punch at him, which comes up short. Covington repeatedly says “You’re not even a fighter!” at Abdelaziz, who yells back at him.

TMZ’s article says that more security showed up in time to keep them apart. Covington is seen on his phone at the end of the video, telling someone that Ali swung on him and he has it on video. Both men were kicked out of the casino, but police weren’t called.

UFC president Dana White said last night that Covington will get the first shot at Usman’s title, and this only adds fuel to the fire.


Usman should win the fight

but I can easily see him going full Garbrandt. CC is clearly in his head and Usman wants to destroy him.

Is Colby a good enough striker to actually capitalize on that though?

Usman seems like the type of guy where going full Garbandt is taking the guy down and smashing him up.

yeah usman isn't the brawler type, and doesn't have a weak chin

Thing is he can come in so full of hate and adrenaline

After the initial blitz of trying to finish him the great gas tank maybe depleted. That means CC can just do his gameplan tag him and take him down.

I mean, it can go both ways

Lest we forget Khabib-Conor as the counter example

and he doesn't get hit often, either.

That's called "going full Khabib"

Technically he seems to be in Ali's head.


This fight is being hyped up more then how competitive it is, Colby has zero standup ability and will get completely outclassed by Usman

Im confused...

Curby Corvington appears to be the sensible one in this exchange, has the world gone mad??

Because you've got a guy with thin-skin in Usman

Managed by an instigator with an even thinner skin in Abdelaziz

Well this is a thinly veiled take on the matter

Ali is a piece of trash

Both Colby and Usman understand there are women in between them and hold off, while Ali is still trying start shit, making sure Usman is holding him back.

I'm just a fan

So what do I know about this Ali guy. But everything I see is pretty low rent and embarrassing, including this video.
And why is he always trying to fight real fighters? A bad look for Usman.

Just Google him.

He manages Khabib

He is seen as the best because he often gets his fighters what they want.

He manages a lot of fighters

Khabib, Edgar, Usman, Cejudo etc

He’s a pretty terrible person from all indications though, but fighters sign under him because he has a good relationship with the UFC

I was gonna give him cred

yesterday for really caring about his fighters, but then this happened. Makes Cody look like gentle and calm Maia.

your avi just made me snort-chuckle real ugly.

Terrorists attacking a true American hero on American soil, I say deport both of these monsters,

Until they write a motorized apology letter to Mr. Corbingbum.

As Mr. Corbingbum #1 Stan ...

I support and Rec everything you just said.

Long live the people’s champ, Curvy Covingbottom !

Brian stann

Would come out or retirement to take out muricas threats

I would love it if Brian Stann started accompanying Colby everywhere as Colby's bodyguard/enforcer.

Well, he can be Colfifi's #1 Stann ( with two n's ) if he wants...

As long as he understands I am Colpie’s #1 Stan ( with one n )


Abdelaziz is a bad human. This is something I never expected to say, but Colby was in the right here. I can’t wait for Abdelaziz to get put to sleep in the future for trying this stuff with the wrong fighter.

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