USADA awarding free T-shirts to UFC fighters who pass 25 consecutive drug tests

Since July 2015, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has been cracking down on UFC fighters who use performance-enhancing drugs. On the flipside, they recently came up with an incentive system for those who constantly churn out clean test results.

As the agency announced on its official website, USADA will be awarding an exclusive T-Shirt branded “25x” to fighters who reach a total of 25 consecutive clean drug test results. The said shirt will also bear the hashtag “Follow My Lead”, as well as the slogan “Train Clean. Fight Clean.”

According to UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky, there are already 19 fighters on the roster who will be recognized for the said accomplishment.

“These athletes are not only role models for clean sport within UFC and the sport of mixed martial arts, but for all professional sports,” Novitzky said. “We are proud to honor the leadership, compliance, and commitment to clean sport this group of athletes have displayed over the last three years, as well as the efforts that all UFC athletes put forth to helping make the Octagon clean and safe.”

A good number of UFC fighters have attested to have been PED-free their entire careers. One of them is former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos.

“I’ve been in the UFC for 10 years, over 37 fights, and my whole life I’ve competed clean,” dos Anjos said in a separate statement. “It’s just good for my legacy to have a clean record, and the only thing that doesn’t show on the blood test is the hard work.”

“The reason that I compete clean is that I want to be fair to people. I think it’s fair for everybody else to compete clean.”

According to, these are the 19 fighters who have reached and even surpassed the 25-clean test milestone as of May 1st:

Holly Holm (35), Cris Cyborg (33), Eddie Alvarez (32), Vitor Belfort (32), Daniel Cormier (30), Rafael dos Anjos (30), Stipe Miocic (28), Robbie Lawler (27), T.J. Dillashaw (27), Conor McGregor (27), Edson Barboza (27), Dominick Cruz (27), Fabricio Werdum (27), Frankie Edgar (27), Tecia Torres (26), Stephen Thompson (25), Tyron Woodley (25), Dustin Poirier (25) and Johny Hendricks (25).


i'm definitely surprised

that Cyborg and Vitor are in the top 5

Vitor was a ped pioneer. He is ahead of the curve and can beat usada in his sleep with one hand tied behind his back

he was a beast in the TRT days. I wish they would go back to those days

when they banned TRT

i wish they would have been like "…..fooooor everyone except Vitor. You’re good, man"

Hendo could have used some juice too.

Old man TRT Hendo could woop some ass

Vitor on PEDs?

You mean the human neck is not supposed to be twice the width of the skull at 18 years old?

Until proven wrong, I think Vitor is the best role model for doping

Known user with an uber body, stopped using and kept competing at a high level while passing tests.

When did he stop using?

BelforTRT was still using PEDS

I suspect there's a reason that they're tested more frequently....

are they

Reebok branded though?

They should make reebok shirts for people whove failed the most too

That say "Dirty boy coming through". And on the back is a stick figure with huge muscles and tiny balls

Cracked me up


does it say

"i pissed in a cup at 4AM and all i got was this lousy T-shirt"?

That would be wrong

The time slots for testing are between 5 am and 11 pm.

I wonder how effective these free t shirts will be? I think most fighters will just brush off the t shirts as another half hearted gimmick. now what USADA and UFC can do is say hey if you make these milestones then we’ll award you something. It can be a tiered system where for 10 consecutive fights testing clean you get 5k. for 20 fights you get 10k and for 30+ you get a choice. maybe a free trip somewhere, or the cash

I really don't get this line of thought

There should be a monetary reward for not cheating? Should I get a monthly salary for not killing my annoying neighbor?

a lot of people get annual bonuses

just for doing their job
in theory passing these tests is just part of their job

No, just no

passing tests is just be decent human beings and fair towards their opponents, not a job at all.
Doping is a job, not being clean. To be clean you have to do nothing and it’s only fair you certify it with regular tests.

i guess in theory the bonus is simply for "being clean"

which yes, requires nothing.
But complying with USADA does require something – a not-insignificant intrusion on your life, and one that up until a few years ago the fighters, even clean ones, didn’t have to deal with.
so I have no issue with them being compensated for compliance

Both of you have merits to your arguments

i think my idea is sound

I guarantee if USADA and UFC adopted the positive incentive route fighters would still pop on tests. probably blame it on that Mexican meat too

Well the idea is that the bonuses are supposed to be a reward for contributing to a successful company

Of course that system gets abused like any other. For example CEOs getting millions in bonuses even when the company loses billions.

think of it

as a positive incentive. how can you equate not cheating on a drug test with murder?

It's just abiding by the rules

You can swap murder with battery if that seems too much to you. You’re not monetary rewarded for abiding by the rules.

And if you fail what you do, you give all the money back?

correct you're not

but fighting isn’t exactly a normal occupation either. if USADA and the UFC want to curb popping on drug tests then either institute a positive incentive program or go full tilt in the other direction and say for a first time offense you’re out for a year, for a second offense you’re cut from the UFC. Now I doubt the UFC will want to go that route bc it’ll jack with their revenue stream but the option is there.

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