Report: DAZN lands US broadcast rights to Canelo Alvarez fights

With HBO getting out of the boxing business at the end of 2018, one of the key storylines is where some of the network’s top fighters will end up. It looks as if we have our first answer.

Boxing Scene reports that streaming service DAZN has agreed to a multi-fight deal with WBA and WBC middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 KOs), and an official announcement is expected on Wednesday in New York City, where a press conference for Alvarez’s December 15th fight against super-middleweight titlist Rocky Fielding (27-1, 15 KOs) is set to take place. Yahoo’s Kevin Iole noted that DAZN would also land Golden Boy Promotions events that were previously on HBO, starting next year.

Canelo is coming off a thrilling majority decision win over Gennady Golovkin last month, on an $85 pay-per-view that turned in a reported 1.1 million buys and a live gate of more than $23 million, one of the largest gates in boxing history. The Mexican superstar has headlined four pay-per-views that have done at least one million buys, while his win over Miguel Cotto fell just short of that mark.

Earlier this year, Matchoom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn announced an eight-year, $1 billion deal with DAZN, boldly promising to shake-up the US boxing market, and DAZN itself boasting that they aim to break down the pay-per-view model. The first major event to stream on the service was heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua’s TKO win vs. Alexander Povetkin.

The Yahoo report suggests that the Golden Boy/DAZN partnership is separate from Matchroom’s, so the budgeting will be separate. Canelo is undoubtedly a major signing for DAZN, whom up until this point had not been able to get a major US PPV attraction on board its platform to help drive subscription numbers up.

If the Canelo signing is made official, it would also mean that DAZN has broadcast rights to three of the top-10 pound-for-pound boxers in the world, with Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk as the other two. Naoya Inoue is also competing in the World Boxing Super Series, which DAZN acquired American broadcast rights to, so it’s essentially four at the moment. Hearn’s Matchroom USA roster also has Demetrius Andrade and Daniel Jacobs respectively competing for vacant WBO and IBF major middleweight titles over the next two weeks, so if they both prevail, it is suddenly more than realistic for Alvarez to unify his titles with those opponents.

As an aside, December 15th looks to be a major night for DAZN, as not only are they set to broadcast Canelo vs. Fielding, but also Bellator 213: Macfarlane vs. Letourneau from Hawaii on the same evening.



How does this company have all this money I don’t get it. I never heard of them until Bellator and I can promise you that I am not the only person out there that is tried of all these streaming services. I got cable Netflix amazon prime and that’s enough!!!! To be a fight fan you need ufc fight pass, dzn, showtime, the Espn’s thing and I’m sure I’m missing a few…. at least we don’t need hbo anymore

money is an illusion

and in order for the house of cards that is that illusion to continue money has to be invested somewhere, ever wonder who the hell would be dumb enough to buy the Phoenix Coyotes or invest in World Series of Fighting?

sounds like you lost money on the stock market this week

money is an illusion

Everyone did last week

It was brutal.

Cancel Cable, it's 10X more expensive than everything else you listed

I buy cable for my mom. If it’s not on a tv and can’t be controlled by a remote it’s not ganna fly <img src="//" alt=":joy:" class="emoji">

Get Hulu, it's got everything that's on cable but without commercials

With a fire TV or roku your mom can still use a remote. Add sling TV if you really want the basic cable channels. Legit no need to have cable anymore, can get way more for way less.

If his mom is like my mom

She’ll find mind-boggling ways to fail at using what should be user friendly gadgets. Old people, man…don’t underestimate them when it comes to technology.

I think we’re related because you just described my mom.....

Owned by Perform Group

Just doing a quick look they are owned by Perform Group who has $200 million in revenue and are a sports media company. I think they’re really solely focusing on sports and digital media streaming, unlike ESPN or other sports cable networks.

I hope this pays off because they just invested over half their revenue on this deal

I seriously read it as "Daze In" every damn time.

Good score for ‘em.

I always read it as Daz In...

I read it as RIZIN

And then am always disappointed by the article.

yeah i like dazin over dazone

dazone sounds stupid and dazin sounds like a fancy foreign word

Where is this money even coming from?

UK company called Perform Group

Yup. UFC just agreed to a streaming deal with DAZN in Austria

They have much larger rights packages in other countries.

I’ve been using it in Japan for over a year now.

They used to have all UFC content, but lost the PPVs a few months ago.

The Inoue fight was on regular tv, though DAZN is pretty big here now, with lots of baseball, soccer and US football.

And Perform Group is majority owned by Access Industries

Access Industries, Inc. is a privately held multinational industrial group. It was founded in 1986 by Ukrainian businessman Leonard "Len" Blavatnik, who is also its chairman. Access’s industrial focus is in four areas: natural resources and chemicals, media and telecommunications, venture capital and real estate.

Where did these guys come from?

I have never heard of DAZN until MacDonald vs Mousasi last month, and now they have freaking Canelo? WTF?

I support them though, it’s about time the fight game gets a legit streaming service. UFC fight pass with its lack of live events (PPV or fight nights) does not even remotely count. DAZN is already far better than fight pass in that regard.

But dude Fight Pass has all these live prelim fights

Between random scrub nobody’s heard of and other random scrub nobody’s ever heard of! You’re just a hater!

I have Netflix, dazn, Amazon, and espn+

I have my parents login info for cable apps. Plus my firestick broke out of jail 3 years ago. I’m finally dropping fight pass when the ESPN deal takes place. So that’s about 35 a month plus internet. Being a fight fan sucks for your wallet.

Sometimes you can watch fights on Facebook for free

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