Video: Ward says Mayweather ‘showed his age,’ questions turning his back to McGregor

One of the top pound-for-pound boxers today in Andre Ward broke down Saturday night’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor boxing match. He says he found it entertaining, and that the UFC champion impressed him with his debut fight in the sport.

“I expected a lot less from McGregor, and I expected a little bit more from Floyd Mayweather,” Ward said.

Following the fight, the 40-year-old Mayweather reconfirmed his intention to retire, and Ward says it’s the correct decision to make.

“I think Floyd showed his age a little bit. He’s still got a lot left in the tank, but when you start seeing yourself getting hit with punches you typically won’t get hit with — especially against a guy with no experience — and you’re not offensively getting off and throwing like you should be, it’s time to hang it up.

“It’s not that you don’t have it, but you want to leave before you don’t have it anymore.”

As for the actual contest, Ward says he was puzzled by Mayweather’s willingness to give his back and wait for the referee to break up the contest instead of actually defending himself.

“I didn’t understand Floyd giving McGregor his back. That’s something that personally, I don’t do, and we are taught not to do,” he said. “You’ve got to protect yourself at all times. If for some reason, McGregor lost his cool and hit Floyd with a meaningful punch behind the head, Floyd can be really really hurt. So I don’t understand that. I think McGregor showed a lot of restraint even those we saw a few hammer punches. We’ll take that from a guy doing this pretty much all his life.”

Watch the entire segment on the clip above.


It shows..

why Floyd is so much farther ahead of any boxer except Duran. And he’s still ahead of Duran, it’s his intelligence. From Conor’s own mouth "all training camp I only fought ONE guy for 6 rounds that came at me with the guard up and head down….He managed to get his head on the inside in the clinch….I expended sooo much energy trying to get to his back. If this was MMA I could stay there but the ref breaks us up and we restart the whole process over."

Did Floyd intentionally not show Conor the shell knowing he probably spent all camp studying for it (witness McG’s clever uppercut counter to the straight right). Mayweather beat McG in the clinch by winning head position!! Who would’ve thunk!!

And finally, and this is the most mystifying part. It seems Floyd was turning his back to McG to escape the onslaught at times. But to Conor he WORKED HARD to get that position. That’s the highest art of mental warfare. To make your opponent fight for an inferior position, in this case Conor stopped punching so Floyd had to devise a new way for himself to tire himself out.

If you doubt that again listen to Conor’s breakdown were he admits he didn’t expect Floyd to make 3 different adjustments in the fight. The man is the Deep Blue 2 of boxing. The closest we’ll get to see someone apply Bruce Lee’s all-exhaustive approach to fighting.

Not many will give him credit here around MMA circles, but tonight, Floyd brought his "Pretty Boy" moniker out of the bag

And was the one with the most to loose from this fight, catching 50 when you are already retired at 49 is one hell of a risk, and to come do it against an unorthodox and rather awkward MMA fighter is inspiring to say the least.

So if you’ve been following one strategy that has been working for the last ten to 13 fights (Defensive) and to come today and be suddenly the aggressor and walk mcregor down in the manner in which he did, and to get the finish, that boxing fans have hammered him for lack of achieving in more than ten years, i was expecting to see Floyd "Money" the safe, defensive, counter boxer tonight, but Kudos to Mcregor and to May for putting on a show for the fans and actually making this, one of the most exciting Mayweather bouts i have come to watch in recent memory.

Did you see

Floyd allegedly didn’t spar for a month either??? I tell you this man’s on another level. Kevin broke the story but no one believed him. Kevin’s weirdly acerbic personality could prevent his rise in mma. But he was telling the truth it seems.

I'm sorry but Floyd didn't fight coming forward with his guard up in order to throw Conor off his game.

Every fighter that has fought Floyd in the past has spent their entire camp trying to figure out his Philly shell defense but that doesn’t stop him from using it. The reason he didn’t use it this time was because he – rightfully as it turned out – felt no real threat from Conor offensively and he knew he could get away with simply walking him down with a high guard.

Not to say Conor didn’t do much better than expected. But I do think the main reason he had such success was because of Floyd’s dismissal of his opponent’s skills.


As even Conor knows energy efficiency is very important. He did not need to waste too much energy avoiding punches that were not a threat.

To be fair, Floyd was turning his back because Conor took the clinch away from him

Those punches may not have been very damaging, but by forcing Mayweather to work, he had to improvise a replacement safe space.

Floyd’s always done the turning back thing. Always driven me up the wall, he should have been docked points for it repeatedly throughout his career. Instead the opponent gets called for rabbit punching.

It looked like Conor was trying to do some clinch striking behind or something but did look obvious Mayweather was trying to get a foul imo.

The referee took the clinch away

Any time they got even remotely near to a clinch, the ref broke them up. I would have liked to see some inside, dirty boxing and see how Conor would have fared inside instead of Diaz’ing Floyd from the outside.

Andre ward thought Floyd would win

Him criticizing isn’t coming from a bitter mma fan, or Mcgregor fan. Therefore, I 100% believe him.

Floyd said it himself, he’s not the same fighter anymore (link to video).

Conor said

Floyd framing of his elbow in Conor’s throat made him instinctively slipped past it and take his back. He said the ref would stop him and he thought "bollocks…All this energy to take his back and the ref stops us." It was a massive waste of energy as it kept happening. Floyd looked slow but it was still a genius performance.

No philly shell for Conor to implement his surprises either. That round 1 uppercut showed Conor had a gameplan we never even got to see last night. Floyd is sublime in there.

Andre Ward with the quote of the vid toward the end : "I'm glad PPV got fixed...."

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