Jorge Masvidal says McGregor has ‘barely any chance’ against Mayweather: Boxing is a different ball game

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Jorge Masvidal is one of the fighters giving Conor McGregor barely any chance against Floyd Mayweather Jr., and for good reason.

Masvidal, 32, has a wealth of boxing experience and grew up street fighting in Miami. During his early days in boxing, ‘Gamebred’ got to spar with world class boxers and believes they are several leagues ahead of the best boxers in MMA.

McGregor, the current UFC lightweight champion, might be able to throw Mayweather off with his awkwardness but Masvidal thinks ‘The Notorious’ will be in for a long night once ‘Money’ adjusts and gets his timing down.

“I grew up boxing,” Masvidal told Tom Taylor of “My first base was boxing, and I grew up lucky. The gyms that I was at, I got to see a lot of world class boxing at an early, early age. It was just pure luck that the gyms near my house happened to have amazing, amazing talent, whether it was homegrown or Cuban nationals who had won the Olympics, that had won world championships, that had 250 amateur fights and 17 losses. So I got to work with a lot of good guys, and I got to see a lot of good guys work, and I can tell you this. I have never seen anybody in MMA – and this is not to diss my brothers and sisters, because it’s a different spot – I’ve never seen guys that you see in the top-10 of MMA, or the top-5 even, and they’re good strikers, when they do straight boxing with a solid boxer, not even a world-class amateur, just a solid veteran, a lot of times they get mopped up.

“In the first few minutes, the MMA guys sometimes throw off the boxers because it’s a different beat, different stance, and they throw their punches a little different, some of them, compared to straight boxing. So you sometimes see the boxer get clipped up a little bit because he's not used to that rhythm and the angles the punches come from, but once it all sets in and they get the timing, it’s a different ballgame. I’ve seen it many times, so I give Conor barely any chance.”

Masvidal, who recently dropped a close split decision to Demian Maia at UFC 211, says McGregor’s only chance is if Mayweather completely underestimates him.

“In a fight with two guys with their hands up with bad intentions, there’s always a chance – always in a fight,” he said. “You can get beat up for 14 minutes, and at 14:55, you land that one blow that changes the whole fight. Anything can happen to anybody. But those chances are so slim against Mayweather…The only way I can see Mayweather losing is if Mayweather just doesn’t take him seriously at all. If he does like an Anderson Silva, you know – hands straight up and he actually lets him hit him in the chin. But I don’t see Mayweather losing this.”

Mayweather vs. McGregor is set to be the biggest pay-per-view event in combat sports history and is scheduled for August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Oh please

Mighty mouse says Mcgregor is gonna win.
I respect Masvidal, I respect Mighty Mouse, so that must mean there is a solid 50-50 chance of Mcgregor taking the win.

"I pick either Mayweather or McGregor as the winner, Joe"

Mayweather made a big mistake getting in the ring with a Leperchaun.

If you´re going to...

address someone in a demeaning or derogatory manner, at the very least, try your best to avoid spelling mistakes !!!!

I think maybe he was suggesting Conor has the rotting disease


The leperchaun

For me it's like watching The expendables...

I didn’t watch it for the dramatic cinematography and vivid dialogue… I watched it with the expectation of what it exactly was…a fun, shoot em up throw back to action movies.

I don’t go into this with high expectations of CM winning or even going the distance… but I expect it to be fun & entertaining… if Conor shocks the world then that will just be an added bonus…

Then the Elitist will say it’s photoshopped.

"Then the Elitist will say it’s photoshopped."

Just in case McGregor actually wins the fight, considering the usual after fight routines around the comment section in BE, people should have a short list of compelling excuses at hand:

Floyd has only ever fought cans;
He got "caught" in a flukey exchange;
Mayweather is old and brittle;
Conor picks all his opponents and avoided another wrestler…

Don't forget "Floyd was inefficient with his energy and ate three breakfasts and had to fight someone three times his size."

An apparently flukey exchange could be a good strategy for McGregor,

if McGregor manages to get Mayweather into a clinch. Mayweather can handle clinches just fine. Usually. McGregor’s clinch may very well be quite different from what is typical for boxers. It’s likely stronger, more skilled, more aggressive. McGregor could use his mma-trained clinch to off-balance Mayweather and put his hands out of position. Then, before the ref can step in to break-up the clinch (which would mandate a clean break), McGregor himself ends the clinch in favorable positioning and lands a knockout blow on an unprepared Mayweather.

BAM! BAM! Down goes Mayweather. McGregor has done the impossible. And to those not well-studied on fighting, this would look like a fluke.

I wouldn’t bet on it, though.

Well, maybe a little bit.

Why the hell do people think someone trained for clinching in MMA

With different goals, rules, and even equipment (the gloves make a big difference to clinches) would have an advantage in a boxing clinch, something boxers are actually trained in?

I mean I know the answer, I’m just amazed people bring it up with such regularity even here.

Have you watched any Floyd fights?

They are great displays of skill, but they are about as far from a fun dumb spectacle as you can get.

So true, Floyd is shrewd in the ring

Granted, I haven’t seen all of his fights, but the ones I did see were almost completely one sided.

But did any of his opponents

Really believe in themselves? If Conor can see it he can be it.

If you're watching a Floyd Mayweather fight to be entertained

I have bad news for you, friend.

I am entertained by his mastery

People who boo Mayweather’s style remind me of just bleed guys who boo anytime it hits the ground in MMA. Sure, there are time when it is pure stalling and lay n pray, but I respect the people Mayweather beat and how he did it, even if it does get a bit boring sometimes. GSP fought the same defense oriented style if we had to compare two guys from different sports IMO. I hope Mac can generate some sort of drama in this fight, but if not I am happy to watch Floyd pick him apart.

I think this fight will be more like the expendables 3

And by that i mean it’s going to be fucking terrible

Is There a slim chance the fight is fixed?

Connor wins talks a lot of smack and gives Mayweather a remaches to make another few millions, because as far as I can see this is nothing but a celebrity boxing match, with no meaning for boxing or mma, just look at press conference and the WWE circus arround it.

Floyd fans already lining up their excuses

Whether they’ll admit it or not, they realize McGregor at the very least will not be chumped before the fight the way past opponents did, and that maybe, just maybe, it could be a sign of things to come. McGregor’s presence is unlike anything Mayweather has ever had to deal with, and it could be just the first of many firsts for Mayweather, all leading to his first loss.


Yes, a guy who has no professional boxing wins, who looks worse than an amateur sparring, has a greater presence than multiple boxing world champions. Lol.

Most of Floyds past opponents would destroy Conor in a boxing ring even if they showed up with two broken hands. McGregor is not beating Mayweather. Not in a million years.

I don't see Floyd willingly agreeing to give up the chance at a perfect 50-0

i think people forget how ego driven he is

i mean he’s got 7 domestic abuse incidents because he can’t control himself when his ego is bruised

why would Floyd even trust Conor to do a rematch? It’s not like Conor has defended anything, why would he defend his biggest win ever when he can leave boxing and have endorsements forever, fight a Nate Diaz fight maybe even in boxing cause who cares right?

Will anyone be that shocked if Conor’s next fight is Lebron James?

That's why I don't think he'd risk that perfect big record

Remember, his ego wouldnt allow him to give Manny more than 30% (this is if Im remembering correctly, it was a 70/30 split right?)

To add into that...

People underestimate how vital that "0" is to Floyd’s existence and reputation. His reasons for why he is TBE boils down to "I’ve never been beaten." While he’s not really the TBE, he can at least claim to be the best undefeated fighter of all time with some truth. He’s not going to willingly sacrifice that, especially for someone like McGregor.

"Will anyone be that shocked if Conor’s next fight is Lebron James?"

McGregor, a blue eyed European, cannot find himself fighting African American athletes back to back.

He´s already been labeled a racist by US media and that surely wouldn´t help his image….however, it would be very interesting to see him deal with the foot long reach disadvantage..

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