Boxer posts Conor McGregor sparring video: I’m no Floyd Mayweather, but I landed at will

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Former IBO welterweight champion Chris van Heerden has sparred with Conor McGregor in the past. With the UFC champion’s cross-over fight with Floyd Mayweather being made official, the South African boxer took to social media to talk about Conor’s chances.

The 29-year-old boxer posted clips of his sparring session with McGregor, and says that it’s “crazy” that people actually think Mayweather will have his hands full.

“I sparred with McGregor, off season, coming from a holiday, out of shape and basically playing and having fun, and being me. Not even focused, not even in camp, out of shape,” Van Heerden told TMZ. “I’m reading all these comments saying Floyd will have his hands full landing on Conor because of his footwork, skills and movement. I’m no Mayweather, out of camp, and out of shape — and we landed at will.

“It’s crazy to think that people can actually compare a fighter that’s 0-0 in a boxing ring, to a legend that’s 49-0. If you look at his resume, he fought the best of the best in the world.”

He doesn’t think Conor will be able to land well, but even if he does, Van Heerden doesn’t think it would be enough.

“No (he won’t have the KO power), not with 10 oz gloves,” he said. “He fought Maidana that landed. He got rocked by Sugar Shane Mosley, and I’ve got the opportunity of working with Shane — he can punch. (Floyd’s) been hit by guys that can punch, and he’s so good, he knows how to recover.”

Van Heerden also addressed criticism he has received for posting a training video and making it public.

McGregor’s camp indeed released the footage first, with it even drawing some controversy as well with people claiming it was edited to make the UFC fighter look good. Van Heerden has also gone on record, saying he has “shocking” footage clearly showing that he’s the pro-boxer in the session.

Fast forward to today, and it seems like the clip above is what Van Heerden was mentioning.

It is also interesting to note that for some reason, Mayweather is currently just a -550 favorite against McGregor. That means that other boxing champs such as Miguel Cotto, Marcos Maidana, and Andre Berto were all much bigger underdogs than the UFC fighter with a 0-0 boxing record.


It's all about the money

McGregor is chasing the payday nothing else.

I can understand Conor playing the game, for a payday of course

But I don’t respect Dana playing it with him, while two whole UFC divisions are (were) on hold.
I mean, IF Conor wins, that’s nice. But when he (probably) loses, than the coolness turns into a hot air balloon popping.

Besides, Conor already has enough money for several lifetimes.

Big difference between having $20 mill and $120 mill

This whole thing has actually made me respect Dana more because this is the absolute best thing that could ever happen to Conor. He couldve vetoed the whole thing just to push the division forward but he didnt.

As far as the divisions on hold, only one Conor is responsibe for. And if we’re being real, the blame should fall on Khabib because there was a very real debate about who should have the title shot, him or Tony. The 155lb division will survive another two months, so in the meantime is it to much to ask to be happy for someone living a true rags to riches story?

Totally, Dana didn't vet this thing of the goodness of his heart

The reasons for having this debacle of a fight were definitely not monetary for Dana White.

i hope this turns green soon. i'm shallow.

Haha not see no that before


most amazing photo shop ever!!!!

I wish I could rec 1,000,000 times!

you can

just rec it then hit the unrec button,rinse and repeat.

I got you to 60

You mean like the difference between Shaq and Oprah money?

Man everyone shits on conor

But the guy’s living a fairytale.
He went from being on welfare to a world champion two divisions and being the biggest draw in the game.
I love this fight, because this is a once in a lifetime deal
We’re unlikely to ever see a guy like him again

Don't underestimate Conor's self delusion

That same attribute has taken him far. And this may sound strange but his delusion has so far matched reality so he has looked like ‘Mystic Mac’. Now don’t get me wrong I think Conor is very talented and very intelligent but he also has delusions of grandeur. This fight is an example of his delusion not matching reality. I believe Conor thinks he will be competitive in this fight. I doubt he will be but we will see.

No, I think Conor thinks he's going to make 100 million dollars

If there was a $10 million offer to step in and fight Floyd in a banana hammock and flip flops I guarantee every single person here would take it immediately. So can we stop pretending like this is the worst thing ever? Theyre getting hit in the head to get paid, not for "the good of the sport", a sport that leaves most fighters broken AND broke

Of course he is doing it for the money

The fact that he is doing it for the money and that I believe he thinks he will be competitive are two completely unrelated points. I also don’t think this hurts the ‘integrity’ of the sports. I’d rather see him fight MMA though because my guess is this ‘fight’ wont be competitive and I find boxing boring

You can't be objective as a fighter

As soon as you think you aren’t the best in the world, you aren’t
That’s when fighters start to go downhill

It's all about the money?

They’re prize fighters.

-550 should be on Floyd not getting struck clean once

I think its more interesting

That we haven’t seen any boxers lately coming out with the ‘I could do that MMA lark, I just need take down defence’ or some such rubbish. This fight never was about boxing vs MMA, this was about the spectacle and the Conor money making machine. Personally I’ll be glad when its over, so we can go back to MMA, and boxing can carry on dying on its arse.

You think the UFC's in great shape these days??

Boxing looking pretty good, outside of this horseshit.

Canelo vs GGG is going to be a finale to a year that saw some pretty great fights.

Boxing isn't going to die anytime soon

I never understood why so many people keep saying that "boxing is dead" or that "boxing is dying". Just look at the numbers of Joshua vs Klitshcko alone and realize how silly these narratives are.

Strange enough Boxers stick with their sport and they can see how much work you need to put in to be good in MMA

and surprise it’s way more work than training to be a Boxer

Conor looks bad here, very very bad

Well I mean, what would you expect?

I’ve been saying for years now that Conor’s style is more similar to that of a kickboxer than a pure boxer. You can see it in the clip too; Conor allows Chris to get into and past the distance that he’ll normally throw linear kicks in

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