Conor McGregor calls Dennis Siver a nazi

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Conor McGregor is a great talker and has been doing an excellent job at building interest and hyping up fights. Tonight though, he crossed a line as he made an offensive remark towards his next opponent in Dennis Siver. Shortly after the UFC's media day, McGregor sent out a tweet calling Siver a 'Nazi'.

It was deleted shortly after, but here's a screen grab of the tweet:

Shortly after erasing the said tweet, McGregor has issued an apology, sort of:

That translates to "I'm sorry". While his deletion and "apology" have been relatively quick, this is the type of attention that the UFC doesn't need -- especially from one of the promotion's biggest stars -- as it grows internationally and tries to erase some of the sport's negative stigma.

Also, not that it will change how offensive and unfunny that tweet is, but for what it's worth, while Siver is of German descent, he was actually born and raised in Russia before moving to Germany when he was of legal age.

McGregor takes on Siver on January 18th in Boston.


I love Conor but this was stupid.

Agree Earltron. I’m on his bandwagon till the end but this made me very uncomfortable.

Too easy, no creativity

I award you zero points Mr. McGregor.

Negative points, actually

for Godwin’s law, lazy meathead, etc.

Full disclosure – I’m married to a Bavarian, so this bullshit gets my goat. . .

and may god have mercy upon your soul

I love it when the first comment says pretty much exactly what I felt needed to be said

Yeah this ones crossing the line.

Still love ya Conor, but c’mon son…

Any Wire reference or GIF gets an immediate rec from me

as a decedent of emigrating Germans due to Hitler this pisses me off a bit.

it’s even worse that Conor didn’t know Sivers heritage here, or that he chose to ignore it. I generally like what Conor is doing, but he’s getting a little loose between his brain and lips for my taste here.

I still want Conor to do "big thangs" but come on son. Have some integrity.

I’m also part Irish BTW and I’m straight up disappointed with this comment

McGregor is at the ‘Time is now’ reveal for just over an hour and Jones has already signed him up to the ‘Go get you some fans’ PR team

I'll watch him fight no matter what he says.

Well, he ain't one for deleting tweets usually, so knows he crossed the line.

Which is gonna happen occasionally when you spout shite for a living.

There's a thin line between

Schtick and stupidity.

I won’t be surprised if Connor calls him a commie once he’s made aware of Siver’s origins.

Commie/Nazi only works as as opener, he'd have to have a good follow up.

There's a very big difference between Communism and a Nazism

Communism is rooted in the struggle of oppressed people to make everybody’s life better. It was used by bad people of course but there is nothing inherently evil about it and plently people had a very positive interpretation of that ideology. Nazism on the other hand comes from a deep hatred towards what is different. There is pretty much nothing positive about it and following that idea means you are fundamentally not a good person.

I think it's more of a reference to the fact that even though he is German.

He was born and grew up in Russia.

A conor mcgregor tweet

offending people? I did Nazi that coming. I’ll show myself the door.

If you're having trouble finding said door

It’s down the corridor, then take the third reich

That is not funny

Anne frankly I’m offended

these nazi puns are really taking me out of mein kampfort zone

to be honest – i dont think they should go on any fuhrer

oh yeah?

What are you gohring to do about it?

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