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News and ongoing reports of criminal cases and related scandal in the world of combat sports.

McGregor mural takes down coke dealer

A man was convicted after cops noticed his McGregor mural.

Former MTK CEO avoids Kinahan questions at HoF induction

Bob Yalen was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame this week.

Report: Fury refused entry to US over alleged Kinahan ties

Suspected mob boss Daniel Kinahan was sanctioned by the US government in April.

Video: Russian MMA prospect stomps man over PDA

Sharaputdin Magomedov was angered by seeing a man kiss his own girlfriend in a public space.

Naoya Inoue got robbed during Nonito Donaire rematch... literally

Naoya Inoue had a lot of his valuables stolen during his big day.

Alleged Velasquez shooting target pleads not guilty

Harry Goularte is accused of assaulting a 4-year-old boy.

Sky Sports won’t allow Kinahan-linked boxers on TV

Daniel Kinahan is wanted by the US government for his role in a billion dollar narcotics smuggling operation.

Khabib wants ‘other guy’ in Velasquez case to be jailed: He’s ‘more dangerous’

Khabib Nurmagomedov sounds off on the attempted murder case involving his AKA teammate Cain Velasquez.

MMA veteran wanted for suspected violent acts

Schuman was convicted of domestic battery in 2018.

Video: Fury and alleged Scottish gangster get into it with cabbie

Tyson Fury was videoed with Robert Kelbie, who has alleged ties to Daniel Kinahan.

‘A reckless disregard for human life’ - Velasquez denied bail again

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez will remain behind bars as he awaits trail for the attempted murder of Harry Goularte.

Hundreds of boxing individuals banned from entering US due to Kinahan crime group connection

The entry ban is particularly aimed at the sport of professional boxing.

‘Not a complicated case’ - Defense lawyer believes Velasquez ‘threw his life away’

A few veteran defense lawyers weighed in on Cain Velasquez’s ongoing attempted murder case.

Scottish promotion accused of Kinahan links

UK papers report that Kynoch Boxing ­Promotions and ­Management is connected to the Kinahan Organized Crime Group.

MMA fighter on the run after drugs conviction

Towler was convicted on multiple drug charges by a UK court.

Italian investigation into McGregor could take years

The UFC star is accused of breaking Francesco Facchinetti’s nose.

Photos show Covington’s tooth; Masvidal’s lawyer addresses ‘Folex,’ brain injury

Masvidal’s lawyer has addressed Covington’s claims about the alleged attack.

McGregor offers reward after firebomb attack on his pub

The Black Forge Inn was attacked in January.

Covington accuses Masvidal of causing TBI, judge issues ‘stay away’ order

The assault case against Jorge Masvidal for his alleged attack on Colby Covington is moving forward with some interesting developments.

MTK’s decline means Katie Taylor could finally fight in Ireland

Katie Taylor takes on Amanda Serrano this weekend in one of the biggest fights in the history of women’s boxing.

WBC President calls meeting with Kinahan an ‘innocent mistake’

Mauricio Sulaiman was pictured with Kinahan last month.

Boxer found guilty on all counts in child rape trial

Former WBC title challenger John Jackson is facing a lengthy prison sentence.

De La Hoya accused of sexual assault

The boxing legend is being sued by a former employee.

Mike Tyson Punch Out!? - Boxer dusts antagonistic airline passenger

A fellow passenger on a recent JetBlue flight decided to take the opportunity to harass one of boxing’s most notable stars, and caught a few hands for his trouble.

MTK Global to cease operations

The managers of Tyson Fury and Darren Till are closing shop after the US steps up its pursuit of the Kinahan Organized Crime Group.

Fury pressed on links to alleged mob boss

The US government sanctioned suspected mob boss Daniel Kinahan last week.

Why did UFC fighter name drop Daniel Kinahan?

Mounir Lazzez praised his ‘advisor’ Daniel Kinahan, a man who has a $5 million reward on his head.

Warrant issued for bare knuckle legend in death by auto case

Bobby Gunn was indicted over a fatal car crash that happened in 2019.

Probellum releases statement regarding Kinahan

Probellum joins MTK Global in distancing itself from Daniel Kinahan.

Three year sentence for man who killed Fau Vake

Fau Vake was a training partner of UFC champs Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski.

Report: ESPN drops MTK show after US sanctions Kinahan

MTK continues to claim it has cut ties with suspected mob boss Daniel Kinahan.

‘Thank you for loving me’ - Cain breaks silence on attempted murder case

For the first time since his arrest, former UFC champion Cain Velasquez speaks up on his attempted murder allegations.