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The silliest stories MMA and the UFC has to offer.

WTF? Jeet Kune Don’t

From flailing punches to graceful big boys, we got a lot to go through this week.

WTF? Jaw-dropping KOs, inter-style gym fights and sumo highlights

Another roundup of the weird, wild, and wily of the combat sport fringes.

WTF? Delicious dambe and an epic mismatch

Violence comes in many forms, some more depressing than others.

Video: Fighter lands brutal flying knee KO, during weigh-ins

Time can’t wait for a highlight moment, you know?

Video: Darren Till’s best trash talk and moments

Catch the best funny moments and trash talk from "The Gorilla" ahead of his fight against Derek Brunson at UFC Vegas 36 on September 4th.

WTF: Titans of slapboxing, questionable Kung Fu and Dambe action

For this week, we have more beefy men slapping meat, some oddball monkey style in the real world, and a Dambe knockout you have to see to believe.

Big Brother Canada vs Big Brother USA results

The night very few of you have all been waiting for came and went.

Celebrity Net Fights: BB Canada vs. BB USA preview

A very serious preview of a very serious event.

This stream has:

What The Fight?! The wildest bouts in combat sports

Circus fights, style vs. style, traditional martial arts... we’ve got you covered.

WTF: Indian wrestling, buff lady slapfights, and 3 vs 1 circus fighting

Even if you’re defending yourself at all times, you can end up being on the wrong end of a highlight reel.

Video: No one seems to know who won this Muay Thai fight

It took three attempts, but we think the correct winner was announced. 

Video: Health bars in MMA?

Promotion adds ‘augmented reality’ to their MMA broadcast.

Medieval martial arts practitioner accused of slapping Macron

Emmanuel Macron was surprised with a slap to the face and a 17th century battle cry during a recent walkabout in Southern France.

LOL - UFC champ Amanda Nunes calls out Kim Kardashian

UFC champ champ Amanada Nunes shot her shot.