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The silliest stories MMA and the UFC has to offer.

Video: Pimblett fights internet troll in the gym

Paddy Pimblett flew a troll over to Liverpool for a gym challenge.

MMA SQUARED: Understanding Conor McGregor’s future, starring Combat Wombat and Combat Mombat

How to talk to casual MMA friends about the Conor McGregor vs USADA debacle

Video: Pimblett apologizes to neighbour for ‘sloppy s**t’

UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett said he felt ‘terrible’ for the incident.

MMA SQUARED: Three questions every reporter should ask Dana White about the crypto crash

Fight Circus IV: Full event replay - all the violence!

Watch the world’s most bizarre combat sports event right here on Bloody Elbow.

MMA SQUARED: ‘Is Dana White actually Krang from TMNT’

No fights this week, just jokes.

Paulo Costa gets into bizarre liver eating contest

Paulo Costa and Patricio Pitbull took on a raw meat-eating influencer yesterday.

Video: Referee shoots a takedown to stop g’n’p

Check out this clip of a referee utilizing his takedowns to stop a barrage of ground and pound.

Video: Fighter gets absolutely pummeled in actual phone booth fight

Watch this fighter quickly get destroyed in a match that took place in an actual phone booth.

Video: Contender Series fight ends with tombstone piledriver

Well that was interesting.

Video: Holloway gets KO’d (and loves it)

The former UFC champ went for quite the ride recently.

Hasbulla shows off Conor McGregor the chicken

Hasbulla probably got a laugh out of his good friend Khabib Nurmagomedov for this stunt.

Video: 600 vs. 600 fight in Russia

This is why women live longer than men.

Video: Fighter pulls out own tooth during bizarre MMA face-off

Well that was odd.

Fiziev forced to throw up CBD gummy night before RDA win

Rafael Fiziev had quite the night before his big win over Rafael dos Anjos.

Video: Surfer punches bodyboarder

The surf community is up in arms after this ‘snaking’ incident on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Jon Jones smashed Steve-O’s ear with a Home Depot hammer

The former UFC champion turned the gym into a bloodbath during a stunt gone wrong.

Video: Watch Houston Alexander get shot up with adrenaline

Houston Alexander took part in an interesting science experiment.

Video: Prankster KO’d by Taekwondo champ

An attempt to recreate ‘The Purge’ ended in a spinning wheel kick.

Video: Paul choke out White diss track video

Jake Paul’s troll-job of Dana White continues.

The Level Change Podcast 158: Twitter Q & A

Episode 158 discussion: Mookie, Victor and Stephie field fan questions from Twitter

Video: Michael Jackson impersonator can fight

It’s wild out in these streets.

Video: Street fighter gets smashed by boxer

Leave these fighters alone people.

Video: Jackson and Briggs scuffle at Triller

Rampage Jackson might be hoping to get a payday out of a retired boxing champ.

MMA fighter accused of biting roomate’s testicle

Donovan Salvato was charged with domestic violence after an alleged fight with his roommate.

Video: ‘Kung Fu master’ calls out K-1 champion, gets destroyed

Come one, come all to see the incredible human punching bag!

Video: McGregor mocked on SNL

Saturday Night Live poked fun at the UFC’s most unpredictable character.

Judo Chump: NHL Superman punch slightly inconveniences opponent

Gotta reroll your points and put more of them into the punching category, my dude.

WTF? Watch three Wing Chun fighters try to fight kickboxers

Them Ip Man movies are still great, though.

WTF?! Watch Kung Fu vs MMA, Mantis and White Crane vs kickboxing

Around the world we go again, looking for the good, bad and weird of combat sports fringe material.

Video: Street-fighter vs. Karate black-belt

Friends don’t let friends fight black-belts.

Video: GSP hits Khabib with a sneak attack

Georges St-Pierre launched a surprise attack on Khabib Nurmagomedov in front of hundreds of witnesses.