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MMA Judging

Judge tries to defend controversial Fiziev vs. Green scoring

JJ Ferraro addresses the criticism of scoring Rd 3 of Fiziev vs. Green for Fiziev

Scouring the scoring: Barber vs. Maverick round 2 controversy

Did Maycee Barber deserve the win over Miranda Maverick?

UFC commentary on scoring is not good — here’s an easy fix

UFC Vegas 32 commentary team created confusion when speaking about judging

Scouring the scoring: Who deserved the win, Sandhagen or Dillashaw?

UFC Vegas 32 put a spotlight on MMA judging, no fight was more high stakes than Sandhagen vs. Dillashaw

Scouring the scoring: Should Round 1 of Poirier vs. McGregor 3 be a 10-8?

Did Round 1 of Poirier vs. McGregor 3 deserve a 10-9 or 10-8 score?

Scouring the scoring: Round 1 of Virna Jandiroba vs. Kanako Murata

One judge had Murata winning Rd 1 at UFC Vegas 29. Does that score check out?

CSAC: MMA judging ‘is better now than it ever has been’

CSAC executive director Andy Foster gives his assessment on the current state of MMA judging.

UFC fighter says he’s ‘boycotting’ Texas commission

After some close decision losses one fighter says he is ‘boycotting’ the Lone Star state.

Video: White rips into UFC 259 judges

UFC President Dana White tells reporters that MMA judging "needs to be fixed"

UFC 254 Scorecards: Gaethje was leading after first round

Before Khabib Nurmagomedov choked Justin Gaethje unconscious, ‘The Eagle’ was down on two out of three scorecards.

Feature: What’s keeping open scoring out of combat sports?

Zach Arnold reveals that four biggest reasons preventing open/real-time scoring from being implemented for the world’s biggest fights.

Rule changes: Poirier-Alvarez 1 could have different outcome today

Would the outcome of Poirier-Alvarez 1 have been different if it took place today? Based on a new ABC document, the answer is yes in many jurisdictions.

McCarthy clears up confusion surrounding judging criteria and MMA’s new rules

With constant confusion on whether use of new/old rules also implies new/old judging criteria, Paul Gift talked with "Big" John McCarthy and Jerin Valel of the COMMAND officials training program to clear things up.

Tim Means: UFC Belem judges ‘owe me $50,000’

The ‘Dirty Bird’ lost a contentious decision to Sergio Moraes at the UFC’s most recent event in Brazil, and is putting bad judging in the spotlight as a result.

BE Analytics: Number crunching 2017’s new 10-8 scoring

MMA judging hit some 10-8 milestones last year. Paul Gift has the details.

Opinion: Does unsportsmanlike conduct exist in MMA?

In a sport where fighting is the main objective, does obscene conduct really matter?

NAC has ‘full confidence’ in Byrd after GGG-Canelo score

Did you expect the Nevada Athletic Commission to investigate that horrendous Canelo vs GGG scorecard?

Herb Dean talks Road FC’s unique judging system, replay, polling

Herb Dean talks to Bloody Elbow about various topics such as the changes to the Unified Rules, and how Korean org Road FC is looking to solve issues with the 10-point must system.

UFC 212: Aldo vs. Holloway live judging and scoring

Certified judge Paul Gift scores UFC 212’s rounds in real time with explanations

BE Analytics: How has 10-8 scoring evolved?

Here’s looking at you, Texas.

Silva's UFC 208 win was B.S.--but it was good B.S.

Connor Ruebusch analyzes Anderson Silva's controversial win over Derek Brunson at UFC 208, delving into the cage psychology that enabled Silva to hoodwink three judges, one opponent, and thousands of fans.

MMA rules committee recommends instant replay

Widespread availability of instant replay could be coming soon.

Two MMA judges explain MMA’s new 10-8 criteria

Judges Rob Hinds and Michael Bell talk through the details of MMA’s new 10-8 round.

MMA judge certification w/ Big John McCarthy

In the last of a two-part series, Paul Gift details his experience getting trained by the master, Big John McCarthy, in all its glory and embarrassments.

Final wording of 2017 judging criteria set (Updated)

The criteria for judging MMA rounds changed this week. Read the just-finalized wording here.

ABC to improve training, have 'bands' that rate officials

The ABC will soon make improvements to how the trainers of MMA and boxing officials are certified as well as create new levels of officials.

ABC changes Unified Rules for grounded fighters, eyepokes

The MMA landscape is changing, even for residents of New Jersey. Just probably not as much.

Jimmy Smith frustrated that legit fights get less attention than kimbo/Dada type fights

Bloody Elbow's Three Amigos Podcast recently sat down with Bellator lead commentator, Jimmy Smith, who discussed the frustrating phenomenon of fights like Kimbo v. Dada getting more attention than more legitimate fights.

It's time for a more colorful system of judging

Everyone knows the current system of judging MMA fights doesn't work but no one has proposed anything better. Until now.

How close were Lawler-Condit & Dillashaw-Cruz?

Paul Gift calculates the judging odds to see just how quantitatively close the two amazing UFC title fights were to kick off the new year.

Rico Verhoeven on 'boring' Overeem/JDS fight

The Three Amigos are back with a trio of great guests: Glory heavyweight champion, Rico Verhoeven, new UFC signee, Mike Jackson and the latest installment of the Weight List with leading weight management specialist, George Lockhart.

UFC 195 Rewind: Re-scoring Lawler vs. Condit live

Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch, and Dallas Winston are re-watching and re-scoring the UFC 195 main event title fight between "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler and "The Natural Born Killer" Carlos Condit.