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MMA History

The MMA Depressed-us: Failed protégés

Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch, & Phil Mackenzie are back watching the best of the worst of mixed martial arts, with a focus on the UFC, WEC, Strikeforce, & PRIDE.

Archives: Lawler shuts off Manhoef to come back from slow beating

The "Ruthless" one lives up to his nickname.

Fight Archives: Ryan Gracie bludgeons Tokimitsu Ishizawa in MMA debut

Ryan Gracie lives up to his name as the clan’s unrivaled wild man.

Obscure fighter of the week: Before Jake Paul, there was Sean Gannon

The first video sensation to turn fight professional was a cop named Sean Gannon. His lone UFC match be may forgotten, but his story shouldn’t.

Fight Archives: Baroni smashes Suloev after eating illegal knee

A tribute to the one and only New York Badass.

Fight Archives: Takanori Gomi rudely ends Ralph Gracie’s MMA run

Looking back on the knee strike that kept Ralph Gracie away from an MMA ring for good.

Obscure fighter of the week: Koji Oishi

Koji Oishi wasn’t much competition for Nick Diaz at UFC 53, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t much at all.

We’re re-watching some of our favorite action fighters in their worst bouts

Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch, and Phil Mackenzie are back and watching the best of the worst of MMA, with an emphasis on the UFC, Pride, Strikeforce, and the WEC.

Fight Archives: One of the most devastating head kick KOs in MMA history

Right leg, limp. Left leg, concussion.

Book Review: Rickson Gracie’s memoir ‘Breathe’ spills a lot of tea

The BJJ legend’s book hits shelves August 10th

Archives: Hall introduces himself to the MMA world with sheer brutality

A rewind to that moment when most of us likely first heard about Uriah Hall.

Fight Archives: Streetbeefs and the evolution of matchmaking

When UFC 1 and new-fashioned prizefighting meets Kimbo Slice’s backyard brawls.

Bruce Lee’s letters about cocaine, other drugs sell for almost $500K

Dozens of letters attributed to Bruce Lee document international shipments and orders of cocaine and other drugs.

Fight Archives: Watch Diaz and Lawler steal the show at UFC 47

"Daniel Miyagi has arrived in the Octagon" (Goldberg, 2004)

Fight Archives: Wonderboy clobbers opponent in very first pro fight

Looking back to a time when an extra fresh-faced Stephen Thompson lit up his opponent like a Christmas tree.

Bruce Lee’s letters document shipments and orders of cocaine, acid, others

Recently revealed letters from Bruce Lee allegedly detail international drug shipments to Hong Kong.

We’re re-watching Kongo vs. CroCop

Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch and Phil Mackenzie are back once again watching the best of the worst of the MMA world. Mostly focusing on PRIDE, the UFC, Strikeforce, and the WEC.

Archives: Schilling gets KOd after dominating for nearly two rounds

How about another comeback KO story?

Archives: Matt Brown unofficially scores two TKO wins in one night

Remember when Matt Brown TKOd Pete Sell twice in one fight?

Fight Archives: A classic comeback KO moment from the UFC vault

The early days of the UFC were more about heart and guts, as exhibited by Ron Waterman and Andre Roberts.

Video: MacDonald discusses his six greatest fights

Check out the PFL’s Rory MacDonald talk about the greatest fights in his storied career.

Fight Archives: Edwards calmly decimates opponent in pro debut

Watch a 19-year-old Leon Edwards get the job done with poise during his professional MMA debut.

Fight Archives: One of the most cold-blooded KOs in MMA history

A rewind to one of the most vicious knockouts in MMA history.

Archives: Hunt and ‘Bigfoot’ put on a show for the ages

Let’s all look back on this 2013 classic between two respected heavyweights.

Fight Archives: Ferguson strangles Vannata in FOTN banger

A personal favorite among El Cucuy’s many barnburners.

Fight Archives: Diego Sanchez faceplants Riggs inside two minutes

A look back on Diego Sanchez’s better days.

Fight Archives: Bob Sapp gets TKOd by kickboxer half his size

Size doesn’t always matter.

Fight Archives: Ben Askren wins easy in professional MMA debut

Looking back on the night when Ben "Funky" Askren introduced himself to the MMA world.

Fight Archives: Kid Yamamoto and MMA’s landmark flying knee KO

Way before Jorge Masvidal, MVP, and Cory Sandhagen, Norifumi ‘Kid’ Yamamoto was already starching people with the flying knee.

‘FIGHT ZONE’ PPV - 1995 | 6th Round Retro

Victor M. Rodriguez & Mookie Alexander are here to recap the ‘FIGHT ZONE’ PPV event featuring a strange hybrid of mixed martial arts and pro wrestling tactics from May, 1995.

Fight Archives: Miocic’s backpedal KO of Werdum to win UFC title

An oldie but goodie from the heavyweight archives.

Fight Archives: Mirko Cro Cop makes opponent quit to leg kicks

A throwback to one of Mirko Cro Cop’s most devastating finishes.