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MMA History

Archives: Masvidal and Lauzon put on a show as 20-year-olds

UFC veterans Jorge Masvidal and Joe Lauzon once crossed paths as young fighters, and here’s what happened.

WTF: Wanderlei watches fake No-Touch martial artist get exposed by MMA fighter

Wanna see an old guy that never learns embarrass himself? Don’t answer that, of course you do.

We’re re-watching the final fight of Nick Serra’s MMA career!

Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch, and Phil Mackenzie return for another delve into the nether regions of MMA history. This time with a look at a few of MMA’s less talented siblings.

Vintage style vs style bouts: Hong Kong Kung Fu vs Japanese Karate

There are some real jaw-droppers on this week’s What The Fight. Prepare to be amazed.

Fight Archives: Machida notches first of two career submission wins

In a rare moment in time, Lyoto Machida forced a man to submission via a choke.

Fight Archives: Chikadze folds opponent with liver kick in kickboxing bout

A short throwback tribute to Giga Chikadze: liver killer and taker of souls.

FLASHBACK — The MMA Depressed-us 01: Zane & Connor Rewatch Some of the UFC’s Worst Fights

This holiday season Zane Simon, & Connor Ruebusch, (Sans Phil Mackenzie) are back and watching more of the best of the worst of MMA that they can find. This time we flashback to yesteryear, Oct. 13, 2016 for a re-broadcast of the inaugural episode of The MMA Depressed-us.

Archives: Carlos Condit finishes Larson to defend WEC title

Old-school action featuring "The Natural Born Killer."

‘UFC on Versus 2: Jones vs. Matyushenko’ | 6th Round Retro

Eddie Mercado & Victor M. Rodriguez are here to recap the ‘UFC on Versus 2: Jones vs. Matyushenko’ event from way back on Sunday, August 1st, 2010.

Archives: Leaner Derrick Lewis KOs UFC vet to become Legacy FC champion

Rewind back to the earlier, leaner days of "The Black Beast" Derrick Lewis.

Fight Archives: Aldo wipes the smile off Swanson’s face with flying knee

It’s also the fight that birthed the now-viral Jose Aldo dancing gif.

We’re re-watching Bethe Correia’s battle against Ronda Rousey & the 4(ish) horsewomen

Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch, and Phil Mackenzie are back on another UFC off week watching the best of the worst of MMA. Focusing on the UFC, Strikeforce, PRIDE, and the WEC.

Crooklyn’s Corner 21: Getting to know fight analyst Zane Simon

Episode 21 discussion: Stephie interviews Bloody Elbow’s own Zane Simon about his journey from fan to analyst, his pick for best divisions, strikers and more

Archives: Wanderlei Silva’s barrage of knees in Vale Tudo event

The earlier, scarier days of "The Axe Murderer."

Fight Archives: Penn submits Gomi in action-packed three-rounder

Before the alcoholic misadventures and political aspirations, there was "The Prodigy" at the top of his game.

Video: Ronda Rousey vs. Kayla Harrison

Two of the best judokas to turn to MMA met when they were just teenagers.

Fight Archives: Nick Diaz pieces up and retires Frank Shamrock

That time a 26-year-old Nick Diaz retired a legend.

The MMA Depressed-us: Failed protégés

Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch, & Phil Mackenzie are back watching the best of the worst of mixed martial arts, with a focus on the UFC, WEC, Strikeforce, & PRIDE.

Archives: Lawler shuts off Manhoef to come back from slow beating

The "Ruthless" one lives up to his nickname.

Fight Archives: Ryan Gracie bludgeons Tokimitsu Ishizawa in MMA debut

Ryan Gracie lives up to his name as the clan’s unrivaled wild man.

Obscure fighter of the week: Before Jake Paul, there was Sean Gannon

The first video sensation to turn fight professional was a cop named Sean Gannon. His lone UFC match be may forgotten, but his story shouldn’t.

Fight Archives: Baroni smashes Suloev after eating illegal knee

A tribute to the one and only New York Badass.

Fight Archives: Takanori Gomi rudely ends Ralph Gracie’s MMA run

Looking back on the knee strike that kept Ralph Gracie away from an MMA ring for good.

Obscure fighter of the week: Koji Oishi

Koji Oishi wasn’t much competition for Nick Diaz at UFC 53, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t much at all.

We’re re-watching some of our favorite action fighters in their worst bouts

Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch, and Phil Mackenzie are back and watching the best of the worst of MMA, with an emphasis on the UFC, Pride, Strikeforce, and the WEC.

Fight Archives: One of the most devastating head kick KOs in MMA history

Right leg, limp. Left leg, concussion.

Book Review: Rickson Gracie’s memoir ‘Breathe’ spills a lot of tea

The BJJ legend’s book hits shelves August 10th

Archives: Hall introduces himself to the MMA world with sheer brutality

A rewind to that moment when most of us likely first heard about Uriah Hall.

Fight Archives: Streetbeefs and the evolution of matchmaking

When UFC 1 and new-fashioned prizefighting meets Kimbo Slice’s backyard brawls.

Bruce Lee’s letters about cocaine, other drugs sell for almost $500K

Dozens of letters attributed to Bruce Lee document international shipments and orders of cocaine and other drugs.

Fight Archives: Watch Diaz and Lawler steal the show at UFC 47

"Daniel Miyagi has arrived in the Octagon" (Goldberg, 2004)

Fight Archives: Wonderboy clobbers opponent in very first pro fight

Looking back to a time when an extra fresh-faced Stephen Thompson lit up his opponent like a Christmas tree.