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MMA Business and Finances

Finances, lawsuits and other business details in UFC, MMA and combat sports.

The Champion’s Choices: So what’s going to happen to Ngannou?

As the end date for Francis Ngannou’s contract approaches, the UFC heavyweight champion faces a tough choice that could have huge consequences for him and the sport.

McGregor sued by Lobov for millions over Proper Twelve dispute

Former best buddies are in the middle of a lawsuit worth millions.

Hey Not the Face! 05: Breaking down the Ali Act

Episode 05 discussion: Our latest episode focuses on the Ali Act and how it could benefit MMA fighters

Hey Not the Face! 04: Why a fighters union might not be achievable

Episode 04 discussion: Our latest episode focuses on why a fighters union hasn’t happened yet and why it’s such a difficult task to get one off the ground.

GSP says he’s finally ‘free’ from UFC contract, five years after last fight

November 4, 2022, marks five years since Georges St-Pierre’s most recent UFC fight

Hey Not the Face! 03: Comparing WWE and UFC Models

Episode 03 discussion: Our latest episode focuses on the differences in the promotional practices, business model and front men of the WWE and UFC

Show Money 49: Antitrust hearing for Kajan Johnson & CB Dollaway vs. UFC, ONE Championship’s finances, & more!

The Show Money crew is back to spew their sometimes educated, sometimes random theories on the only show exclusively dedicated to the business of MMA.

Chatri claims fake news on ONE’s $383M losses—that they reported themselves

ONE Championship’s CEO addressed the company’s massive losses.

ONE reports record high $110M in losses for 2021, $383M total

ONE Championship’s finances are not looking good.

ONE’s 2020 finances: $48M more in losses, and a curious $400M transaction

ONE Championship may or may not have reported a profit last year.

ONE’s losses balloon to $229 million, $99 million in one year alone

While ONE Championship continues to talk of massive viewership, their financial statements continue to show massive losses.

ONE Championship finances: Losses skyrocket to $126 million

Here’s an updated look at ONE Championship’s finances.

An in-depth look at ONE Championship’s finances

A look at what ONE Championship’s financial filings tell us about the promotion