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Asian MMA - ONE FC 8: Boku vs. Aoki Photo Gallery - Part 1

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Check out's ONE FC 8 photo gallery as taken by Anton Tabuena. Part 1 includes behind the scenes photos along with the first few fights from the event in Singapore.

ONE FC 8 happened this past weekend, and was on deck at the Singapore Indoor Stadium to cover the event. As always here's our photo gallery from the show, which you can view on the slideshow above.

This is the first part of our gallery and it will cover several behind the scenes photos from the week, along with fight night photos from the first few bouts on the card.

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This gallery covers the following:

- Behind the scenes photos before the event started
- Eddie Ng scoring a beautiful armbar win over Arnaud Lepont, (which is also my favorite photo from the event).
- Leandro Issa and Yusup Saadulaev putting on a show for the crowd
- BJJ champ, Alex Silva submitting Wushu World Champ, Rene Catalan
- Pakistan's Bashir Ahmad winning against Thailand's Shannon Wiratchai
- Evolve MMA's Jake Butler smashing another opponent to get to 2-0 in his career
- Chen Yun Ting's win over the hometown favorite in Ronald Low
- Ring Girls

[ONE FC 8 Gallery: Part 1 | Part 2 ]

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