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UFC 155 Tweets of the Day: Evolution of Joe Lauzon's Battered Face

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Joe Lauzon has been updating and taking photos of his face since that epic UFC 155 war against Jim Miller, here's a timeline of the progress.

Joe Lauzon took a bit of punishment when he delivered yet another memorable bout, during that Fight of the Year candidate against Jim Miller a little over a week ago. We've shown you the timeline of Joe Lauzon's face during the first three days since UFC 155, and more than 8 days out, this tech-savvy fighter is still on twitter and instagram, constantly updating everyone on his recovery.

Check out the detailed timeline and evolution below:

"Progress. Day 8 and working back to day 0."


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Here's a timeline along with larger photos, and his comments starting from a day after the event:

DAY 1: "Franken-Lauzon... Here is an updated one from today"



DAY 2:


DAY 3: "3 days later... Keeps getting worse."


DAY 4: "Starting to look better"


DAY 5: "I've stopped scaring kids... Day 5."


DAY 6:


DAY 7: "Stitches will come out later today."


DAY 8: "Took out most of the stitches yesterday (still have the scalp stitches in)"