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Kid Nate Speaks...First Comments on Dana White’s Power Slap Fiasco, MMA Media and More

Kid Nate Wilcox and Eugene S Robinson guested on Alexei Auld’s If The Shoes Fit last night and didn’t hold back their opinions on The NYT vs Power Slap, Ariel Helwani and more.

Old timers here at Bloody Elbow might remember the MMA PR advice show If I Did It show featuring Alexei Auld, Eugene S. Robinson and “Kid” Nate Wilcox that we featured on Bloody Elbow back in the day.

Well we got burned out talking about MMA and Alexei made a new free PR advice show, If The Shoes Fit, featuring Alexei, Eugene, with John S. Nash and Nate alternating weeks.

This week was Nate’s week and he ran his mouth so much and so honestly that he begged Alexei to take the YouTube version private.

That means the only way to hear what Nate had to say about Dana White’s (Slap Happy Pappy) Power Slap and Ariel Helwani Tuesday evening is to become an If The Shoes Fit subscriber.

Unfortunatley, this show is audio only. The video has been tragically lost. Which, as usual, is Kid Nate’s fault.

I was wrong! The full video is available behind the paywall.

And if you sign up free to the Bloody Elbow Substack newsletter you will get the time stamps to the post so you’ll know exactly when Nate talks about Dana and when he talks about Ariel.

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