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Hot mic! Bruce Buffer captured telling UFC fighter not to talk about low fighter pay on broadcast

“Don’t say that on your interview!”

Damir Hadzovic and Bruce Buffer speaking during a UFC commercial break. Screengrab

There are a lot of things that get said in the Octagon that don’t make it to the actual UFC broadcast.

Fights get uploaded to the UFC Fight Pass library without commercial breaks though, and sometimes it captures interesting moments that most audiences don’t get to see. While browsing those archives, Twitter user @DovySimuMMA was able to notice one such moment between Bruce Buffer and Danish UFC lightweight Damir Hadzovic.

Following his last TKO win back at UFC Fight Night 145, Hadzovic’s opponent Polo Reyes was hurt remained on the ground for an extended period. Seemingly feeling bad about the damage he dealt to his opponent, Hadzovic was seen approaching Buffer while they were on commercial break.

Some of the audio wasn’t very clear, but the exchange seems to have been as follows.

“They don’t pay us enough to do this shit,” Hadzovic was heard whispering to Buffer.

“I know, I know, I know,” the longtime UFC announcer responded. “When you see somebody like this...”

Buffer was then heard calling Hadzovic back. “Just, don’t say that in your interview, okay?”

Hadzovic acknowledged him, and said he won’t do that as he wants to receive a post-fight bonus.

“There you go,” Buffer responded. “I hope you get it.”

Prior to returning from commercial break, Buffer was also heard on the UFC Fight Pass broadcast directing Hadzovic and the referee to “get away from that, I don’t want them to see.”

Buffer was pointing at Reyes, who was still on the ground getting attended to.

“TKO right?” Buffer double checked before the announcement.

“TKO indeed, sir,” the referee responded.

On his post-fight interview, Hadzovic did not mention fighter pay, but alluded to feeling bad about hurting his opponent. He said there was mutual respect and he had “no animosity” towards Reyes, but just wanted to put on a show for the fans.

He did not get a post-fight bonus that night.

Hadzovic has fought four more times since then, now holding a 4-5 UFC record and 14-7 overall.

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