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Update: Antonio Carlos Junior expelled from Big Brother Brazil due to sexual harassment

UFC veteran Antonio Carlos Junior and another contestant were expelled from the reality show due to their behavior.

Antonio Carlos Junior was expelled from Big Brother Brazil 23.
Antonio Carlos Junior was expelled from Big Brother Brazil 23.
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

UFC veteran and Professional Fighters League’s 2021 light heavyweight champion Antonio Carlos Junior’s Big Brother Brazil stint has come to an unfortunate end. After the Brazilian was accused of harassing a woman on the reality show, both ‘Shoeface’ and another contestant, funk singer MC Guime, were both expelled from the house due to their behavior.

Both incidents took place during a party on Wednesday night, where the house’s cameras showed Junior trying to kiss house guest Dania Mendez against her will, while Guime was seen touching Mendez’s buttocks without her permission.

On last night’s live broadcast, host Tadeu Schmidt broke the news to the contestants and gave a serious speech on the matter, explaining what led to the drastic measure.

“I’m here to say something quite unpleasant. We have a guest in our house, a visitor from another country, but above all, a woman. Like all women, she deserves the utmost respect. We’ve spoken to Dania, but based from what we heard and saw, we’re here to say we didn’t like what we saw last night. Shoeface and Guime crossed the line. You need to watch boundaries in and out of this house. Because they went against the rules of the show, Guime and Shoeface are eliminated from BBB 23.”

Antonio Carlos Junior hasn’t competed since 2022, when he defeated Emiliano Sordi, Marthin Hamlet, Delan Monte, and Bruce Souto to win the PFL’s claim PFL’s heavyweight title and a million dollar prize. Junior hasn’t lost since leaving the UFC, where he dropped a unanimous decision to Brad Tavares, in January of 2021.

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