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‘He’s listened to the fans’ - Conor McGregor getting back to Karate roots, says Stephen Thompson

Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson gives a bit of update on UFC star Conor McGregor.

UFC 178 - Poirier v McGregor

Conor McGregor and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson is a pairing that no one was likely expecting. But as McGregor’s recent social media posts show, the two have been working together in what appears to be the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Wonderboy recently sat down for an interview with Submission Radio where he gave a bit of an update on “The Notorious.” What he took note of was how the Irish sports star went ‘back to his roots.’

“Man, for one, for somebody to come up with an injury like that, this guy. Like, his mindset was like it didn’t even happen, that injury didn’t even happen. And he’s getting back to his roots, his karate.

“He’s never taken karate in his life, but he’s trained with a lot of karate fighters, and that’s kind of where he got that movement from. So, for instance, when he fought Jose Aldo, his movement, his wide stance, his speed was on point. Like, he’s back to that, man, at a heavier weight. Which is scary.”

For Thompson, McGregor may have heeded some fan advice regarding his last two fights.

“And if you ever shook Conor’s hand, the dude’s got a bigger fist than I do. Like he’s got a melon of a fist. I’m like, what the heck, man? No wonder he puts people out with that one-hitter quitter punch.

“But he’s back to his movement, man. You’re gonna see a better [Conor]. I think he’s listened to the fans. You know, his last two fights with Poirier were kind of in that boxer mentality.

“He’s gotta get back to his roots of movement, and that’s what we’re gonna see from Conor next time he steps out there.”

McGregor will face Michael Chandler at a still undetermined date this year, but it takes place after TUF 31 where they are the opposing coaches.

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