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Reserve your Bloody Elbow user name

With the end of BE on Vox, we want to make sure that our community members here get a smooth transition over to our new website.

The Bloody Elbow logo with tape over it that reads ‘under construction’. Anton Tabuena

Bloody Elbow is moving off the VOX platform come April and we want to make sure that our readers feel like they’re coming with us as we jump to our new platform.

A big part of that will be making sure the new BE website has a strong comment section, something we feel has always been a key to our space in the MMA ecosystem. As such we want to give people the opportunity to make sure that when we make the switch, they get everything just the same as it was.

To see that that happens, we’re asking current site members to sign up for our Substack (yeah, even the free version is just fine), and to drop a comment on the post linked here with your BE username you want to take with you.

While we still have access, we’ll cross-reference your user name with your SBNation profile account to prevent people from squatting on someone else’s I.D. So go ahead and jump on our SubStack so we can make sure you’re right at home in Bloody Elbow 2.0.

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