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Tyrone Spong shows off massive anaconda he caught by the road

Bro, that’s a huge snake.

Kickboxer Tyrone Spong drags a massive snake.
WTF is he doing this for?

Tyrone Spong’s combat sports career has been in a weird state of flux lately. The former star kickboxer made a move over to boxing back in 2015, after a brief flirtation with MMA, racking up a 14-0 unbeaten record (and gaining the WBO & WBC Latino heavyweight titles in the process) against the kind of competition that gets someone a 14-0 unbeaten record with zero fanfare.

Having not competed in the ring since 2019, however, the now 37-year-old stepped back into the cage in 2022 for a fight against fellow longtime combat sports veteran Sergei Kharitonov. His bout against the ‘Paratrooper’ ended in a TKO loss in the second round. So what’s the ‘King of the Ring’ been up to in the time since? Catching bigass snakes for no reason, apparently.

In a video posted to his Instagram account, Spong showed off his anaconda handling skills—nabbing the massive constrictor from out of the grass on the side of the road in his home country of Suriname.

It’s days like this when I really miss having Mookie around.

More wild than his snake charming skills, however, is that beautiful mop of curly hair. To think what Spong has been denying us for all these years.

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