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Jake Paul small betting favorite over Tommy Fury - Midweek odds

Check out the midweek betting odds for Sunday’s PPV boxing bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury. 

Jake Paul is a small betting favorite over Tommy Fury for their upcoming matchup in Saudi Arabia
Jake Paul is a small betting favorite over Tommy Fury for their upcoming matchup in Saudi Arabia
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Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury is going down in Saudi Arabia this weekend (February 26th) as part of a collaboration between Paul’s own Most Valuable Promotions, Top Rank, and ESPN+. Of course betting odds are available, so let’s go check on the midweek moneylines.

The oddsmakers fancy them some Jake Paul over Tommy Fury, but not by a great deal. The YouTube sensation is currently holding a small favored position of around -156. At that line, dropping $100 on Paul could possibly see a complete payout of $164.10.

As for Tommy Fury, right now he is being offered up with a little dog tag of +122. That means betting a hundo on Fury will see a total return of $222... if the lesser scion is to come up with the win.

These betting odds seem fine to me. Neither man has really proven anything in the boxing realm, other than their ability to hit runs off of their first several softballs. These two appear to be the perfect test at the perfect time for one another, and who knows, this might even turn into a banger.

Now with that being said, I’ve also seen Walmart fights that were fun and competitive, but that doesn’t mean I was watching high level boxing. I also damn sure wasn’t betting on the Wally World scuffles either. [insert eyes emoji]

Make sure you circle back around closer to fight day for the final betting odds and prop bets for Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury!

Check out the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury betting odds, courtesy of

Be sure to check back in with Bloody Elbow to catch the final betting odds on fight day, as the moneylines tend to shift a bit following the weigh-ins. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Bloody Elbow Presents YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our podcast content. Happy hunting!

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