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The MMA Vivisection – UFC Vegas 70: Krylov vs. Spann picks, odds, & analysis

Zane Simon & Connor Ruebusch are back to break down this week’s UFC event at the Apex Facility in Las Vegas, NV. With picks and odds for every fight on the card. From Nikita Krylov vs. Ryan Spann in the main event down to Jose Johnson vs. Garrett Armfield in the opening prelim.

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It’s been a bad year for the UFC when a headlining fight between Nikita Krylov and Ryan Spann looks like a pleasant upgrade from recent Fight Night offerings. Coupled with a middleweight bout between Andre Muniz & Brendan Allen, and alongside a women’s flyweight bout between Tatiana Suarez & Montana De La Rosa, however, UFC Vegas 70 is at the very least a reasonably solid card.

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For those looking to dive deeper into a card that feels as though it’s all just undercard, check out the Prelims Vivi below.

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Here’s a look at the UFC Vegas 70 fight card, as it stood at the time of recording:


Nikita Krylov vs. Ryan Spann — Picks, Both: Krylov | At 4:14, Odds 19:08
André Muniz vs. Brendan Allen — Picks, Both: Muniz | At 21:17, Odds 35:30
Augusto Sakai vs. Don’Tale Mayes — Picks, Zane: Sakai, Connor: Mayes | At 35:46, Odds 47:57
Tatiana Suarez vs. Montana De La Rosa — Picks, Both: Suarez | At 49:04, Odds 56:56
Mike Malott vs. Yohan Lainesse — Picks, Both: Malott | At 58:34, Odds 1:10:44
Erick Gonazalez vs. Trevor Peek — Picks, Zane: Peek, Connor: Gonazalez | At 1:10:58, Odds 1:17:25


Gabriella Fernandes vs. Jasmine Jasudavicius — Picks, Both: Fernandes | At 7:20, Odds 19:20
Jordan Leavitt vs. Victor Martinez — Picks, Both: Leavitt | At 20:58, Odds 28:37
Ode Osbourne vs. Charles Johnson — Picks, Both: Johnson | At 30:41, Odds 36:00
Joe Solecki vs. Carl Deaton III — Picks, Both: Solecki | At 37:17, Odds 42:55
Nurulio Aliev vs. Rafael Alves — Picks, Both: Alves | At 44:18, Odds 53:43
Hailey Cowan vs. Alin Perez — Picks, Both: Perez | At 54:14, Odds 1:01:49
Jose Johnson vs. Garrett Armfield — Picks, Both: Armfield | At 1:02:12, Odds 1:09:15

For those of you following the picks made on the show, we started tracking them with the July 13th, 2020 Vivisection shows for UFC Fight Island 1: ‘Kattar vs. Ige’. So far, here are the overall standings:

For our last event, UFC Vegas 69: ‘Andrade vs. Blanchfield’:

Zane picked 7/11 for 64% and Connor also picked 7/11 for 64%

Overall stats from UFC Fight Island 1 in July, 2020, through UFC Vegas 69 in Feb, 2023:

Zane went 842/1304 for 64.6% and Connor went 797/1304 for 61.1%

2023 Stats:

Zane is 42/62 for 68% and Connor is 43/62 for 69%

2022 Stats:

Zane went 330/505 for 65% and Connor went 312/505 for 62%

2021 Stats:

Zane went 305/493 for 65% and Connor went 285/493 for 59%

July-Dec 2020 Stats:

Zane went 164/244 for 67% and Connor went 157/244 for 64%

Stats Reference Spreadsheet: Vivi Picks Stats_2.23.23.pdf

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