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Lawsuit dropped against Conor McGregor over Ibiza birthday boating bash

McGregor had been accused of assaulting a woman during an after party on his Yacht, following his birthday last July.

Conor McGregor leaves the Blnchardstown Court in Dublin after facing charges of reckless driving.
Conor McGregor leaves the Blnchardstown Court in Dublin after facing charges of reckless driving.
Photo by Brian Lawless/PA Images via Getty Images

It appears that Conor McGregor’s feet are once again out of the fire. The former two-division champion and combat sports superstar had been facing accusations of assault, stemming from a post-birthday celebration on his yacht in Ibiza, Spain, last July.

A woman, who had reportedly been a casual acquaintance of McGregor’s before the party, apparently snuck into a private event for the UFC star, and was later invited by the Irishman back to his ship for a casual get-together with a few close friends. It’s only the next day that the woman claims McGregor became enraged, berating the woman before reportedly striking her and knocking her to the ground, breaking her wrist in the process.

The alleged victim, in a statement to Ireland’s Gardai police force, said that she was forced to jump overboard to escape McGregor. “It was as if he were possessed,” the woman explained. “I knew that I had to get off the boat because I thought that he was going to kill me.”

Despite all that, and following reports that the woman’s car had been set on fire and that a brick had been thrown through her window in the wake of these accusations, the Sunday World now reports that a planned civil lawsuit against McGregor in the Irish court system has been terminated by the plaintiff.

McGregor had previously denied all accusations made against him via a spokesperson. The court had been set to review an application by the plaintiff requiring McGregor to preserve any and all materials related to the case, including phone records and CCTV footage. That application has now been cancelled. No word if there were any private agreements made between the two parties that may have resulted in the alleged victim’s unwillingness to pursue charges.

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