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Jessica Andrade ‘lost focus’ because her breast slipped out in Erin Blanchfield fight

Jessica Andrade shares an anecdote about her loss to Erin Blanchfield at UFC Vegas 69.

Jessica Andrade lost to Erin Blanchfield at UFC Vegas 69.
Jessica Andrade lost to Erin Blanchfield at UFC Vegas 69.
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Former UFC strawweight champion Jessica Andrade suffered a somewhat embarassing loss at UFC Vegas 69’s main event, but not for obvious reasons. Having gotten submitted by rising prospect Erin Blanchfield, ‘Bate Estaca’ explained that she had to deal with another issue in the match, which did not really involve martial arts.

In an interview with Ag Fight, Andrade revealed what led her to lose concentration mere moments before the crucial takedown that led to the fight-ending rear-naked choke Blanchfield secured in the second round. Though she now feels embarrassed for having worried about it, Jessica said she could not focus on the fight because one of her breasts had slipped out in the middle Erin’s takedown attempt.

“This is not an excuse, but when she came for the takedown, I lost focus. Because when she moved in, she put her shoulder just under my top and my breast completely slipped out. I lost focus and forgot to counter,” Andrade explains.

“All I could think of was my breast. When I used my hand to put my breast back in the top, that’s when she was able to take me down. It’s all part of the game, though. It’s not an excuse. She really had a great gameplan. It wasn’t on purpose.

“We have to be ready for everything. I should’ve been prepared to let my breast be out if it slipped out. It has been shown in so many places before. I shouldn’t even be worried about that,” she said.

Before the loss to Blanchfield, Andrade (24-10) was on a three-fight winning streak, with wins over Cynthia Calvillo, Amanda Lemos and most recently, Lauren Murphy, with only one of them not coming by way of knockout or submission. Before that, the 31-year-old’s last loss happened in April 2021, when she got TKO’d by flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko.