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UFC 284 highlight videos: Jack Della Maddalena club & subs Randy Brown in half a round

Check out the full fight video highlights from the UFC 284 PPV main card, including Jack Della Maddalena making quick work of Randy Brown.

The UFC 284 PPV main card is underway and we have already gotten two first round finishes, and one majority draw.

In the UFC’s welterweight division, rising prospect Jack Della Maddalena dropped Randy Brown with a well-placed hook, causing the seasoned veteran to faceplant. From there, Jack dished out a couple of ground strikes, before taking the bank and landing the RNC. Not only is Della Maddalena must-see T.V. but he is also quickly rising up the ranks.

Before that, Justin Tafa earned himself a spectacular first round walkoff knockout on Parker Porter. Porter tried to be active, but all it took was one single short left hook to put him down for good. Tafa gained extra style points for walking away like a boss without delivering any academic followup up blows. This lasted all of 66-seconds.

Opening up the UFC 284 PPV main card, Jimmy Crute waged absolute war with Alonzo Menifield, resulting in a majority draw. Menifield scored a big knockdown at the end of the opening round, and then again at the start of the second. Crute would rally in the third, schooling Menifield on the ground for the bulk of the five-minutes. Menifield was also deducted a point in the final frame for grabbing the fence to avoid a takedown, and that low Figh-Q blunder is what cost him this fight.

Check out Dayne Fox’s play-by-play of Jack Della Maddalena acing Randy Brown:


Brown throwing a jab out there. Maddalena lands the first clean strike, a low kick. Brown still throwing the jab out there. Side kick from Brown. More kicks from Brown. Maddalena appearing to have issues with Brown’s length. Brown mixing his punches and kicks beautifully. Brown circling. Maddalena pushes Brown against the fence before landing a clean punch that sends Brown rolling to the ground with a right hook. Maddalena is all over Brown, landing punch after punch as Brown tries to roll away. Maddalena finds the back of Brown and sinks in an RNC for the tap and another first round finish.

Jack Della Maddalena def. Randy Brown via submission (RNC) at 2:13 of RD1

Check out Dayne Fox’s play-by-play of the third round of Justin Tafa sparking out Parker Porter:


Tafa begins stalking Porter as Porter circles throwing strikes. Tafa lands a hard punch, but Porter is unaffected. Porter busier, but he gets caught in a clinch and Tafa lands some heavy uppercuts. Porter disengages, rushes back in and Tafa finds Porter’s chin on a short left hook counter. Porter sprawls on the canvas and the fight is called.

Justin Tafa def. Parker Porter via KO (punch) at 1:06 of RD1

Check out Dayne Fox’s play-by-play of the third round of Jimmy Crute and Alonzo Menifield:


They come out swinging big shots, but neither are landing clean. Crute goes for a lazy takedown attempt, but misses. He goes for a single leg, but Menifield grabs the fence. Marc Goddard isn’t having it and deducts a point from Menifield for the infraction before putting them back against the fence. Crute digs for a takedown, but he isn’t getting it. He adjusts to a single leg and rips Menifield to the center of the cage for the takedown. Crute gets half guard before advancing to the mount. Menifield escapes and Crute is again in half guard. Crute again finds the mount, but can’t get any good offense. He again loses it, looks for a keylock, but Menifield defends. Crute looks to take Menifield’s back, but can’t get the hooks. Crute just unloads punches on Menifield. Menifield stands up, to survive, but the point deduction costs him a potential win as that’s a clear Crute win. 10-8 Crute. 28-28 Draw overall

Jimmy Crute and Alonzo Menifield fight to a split draw (28-28 x2, 29-27)

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