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Video: Chris Curtis apparently has an indestructible spine

Can you believe Curtis didn’t even notice it until someone else pointed it out?

Chris Curtis after UFC 282.
Chris Curtis after UFC 282.
Photo by Louis Grasse/PxImages/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Chris Curtis may have to change his name from the ‘Action Man’ to the ‘Indestructible Man’ after one of his recent sparring sessions.

In preparation for his upcoming fight against Kelvin Gastelum, the UFC middleweight revealed he was ‘kicked in the neck’ while sparring. Now if this were anyone else, the session would have stopped right then and there.

But this is Chris Curtis, so guess what happened? He continued sparring (!) until someone pointed out his neck sprouted a decent-sized hump.

“Sooo this happened today,” tweeted Curtis. “Got kicked in the neck while grappling by the group behind us Round 1 of sparring. [Six] rounds later somebody points it out, I didn’t even notice. I guess even my spine is armored. Just built different.”

Built different indeed.

A day or so after the session, Curtis responded to a fan asking about his neck, which he tweeted was doing ‘surprisingly fine’.

“Lol skipped wrestling today for safety, but yeah,” tweeted Curtis. “Seems fine? Still swollen but no damage as far as I can tell.”

That is excellent news for those of us excited to see him in action again. Curtis vs. Gastelum is set for UFC 287, the upcoming pay-per-view event scheduled for April 8 at the Miami-Dade Arena in Miami, FL. The Xtreme Couture product enters this fight after his ‘Performance of the Night’ awarded second-round KO of Joaquin Buckley at UFC 282 this past December.

About the author: Kristen King is a writer for Bloody Elbow. She has covered combat sports since 2016. (full bio)

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